Need some help with walt claiming P-Coy attendance

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by cdn_spr, Jul 16, 2008.

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  1. Hello all, this is for any paras on site:


    Is a fellow who is walting it up, claiming RM and Canadian Airborne service, and says he did P-Coy in 79 with 2 Para, when it was proposed to amalgamate RM and Parachute Regt.

    Now I did a days thrashing at P-Coy 2 years ago on my JNCO cadre, so figured I would be able to out him rather easily. Ie. What is the first obstacle on the trainasium?

    My question to you is thus, does anyone know if he is telling the truth? He's trotted out some info which sounds vaguely true, but overall smells waltier than a walting walt.

  2. To be exact, he says the first obstacle on the trainasium was a wall. Now when I did it, it was the cargo net. Hasn't it always been the cargo net leading up to the paralell bars where you sh*t yourself?
  3. Ask him how his Platoon got from their Barracks to the training area - he should be able to tell you the name of the Barracks and that they used a footbridge to cross the main road onto the training area.

    Ask him the name of the names of some of the parts of the 10 miler route, i.e. Hungry Hill, Caesar's Camp, Long Valley, Miles Hill.

    Ask him what they crossed on the first part of tabs on the training area, i.e. Engineers Bridge.

    If he was around then i'm sure he'd know the names of most of those places and what was there or what they related to.

    I'm sure others will have similar ideas on questions he ought to know the answers to.
  4. P Coy with 2 PARA? Doesnt sound right.
    Even in those days,he would have been sent to Depot PARA to do all arms.
  5. Does it really matter? If some guy is being a twat and claiming things he's not done then leave him to it. Why waste the energy getting stressed over it? It may be that he has done these things but is just a shit story teller. You'll never know and will just get qound up. Ignore him.
  6. Good advice.The guy sounds like an oxygen thief!
  7. Why do you bother? Plenty of foreign nationals have been around Aldershot. If you find that he has been there, or has done it, or isn't a walt, then do you apologise for being a bit of a twat? No offence or owt.
  8. Thanks for the name dropping tips.... now where is that cdn spr I was talking to the other day......... :D
  9. None taken. Go to the thread, he's been thoroughly 'outed' and even tried the 'ha ha, I was just taking the piss, fooled you' line but again got shot down. He was seen through pretty thoroughly on rumration too.
  10. He's been a busy boy then RM, PARA & Canadian forces!