Need some help with tenants...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Cornish, Jul 18, 2009.

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  1. Hi guys, thought you would be able to help.

    Having some problems with a young girl renting one of the family properties. She doesnt pay rent on time and all the usual stuff, but thats not the major issue. We are trying to sell the property, and whenever there is anyone viewing the house, her boyfriend is there, and is very intimidating to both the potential buyers and my mother and the estate agent. She claims he is only there every now and again, and drives down from his barracks to put the boy to bed, claiming he is in the army. They wont say what unit or where he is based, which makes me think its a load of balls. Im assuming the only units within range of the house, being in truro, are 29Cdo and the booties in Plymouth. Correct me if I am wrong of course. He doesnt dress like a squaddy for a start. Now we need some ammo to get her out of the house, so anything to prove she is lying to the letting agents would be a bonus, seeing as he is not paying to live there. Any ideas on how I could subtly trip him up and make him seem a total cnut? That is assuming he isnt genuine of course.

  2. Hmmmm one smells a rat here.
  3. I concur.....something isn`t right.
  4. I'd imagine if he was RM he'd be quite proud to tell you so prob a nobber.

    Why is he intimidating? Why not just ask outright, tell him you're ex yourself and he should open up....or not depending on how gen he is.

    Personally, wait till they're out and hurl their belongs into the fcking garden. Might not win you landlord of the year but it's a civil matter and I doubt they've got the money to sue you.

    Joking aside, if you want a legal chat about their rights etc PM me, not my area of expertise but can quite easily find out.
  5. What type of lease is she on, AST? How many names are on it and how long left to run?
  6. If you're having problems with them, post here:

    Generally helpful, particularly if you need to evict the fuckers, along with have it so that they aren't in when it occurs. Either way, have a looky.
  7. To offset what I just said, you're a whiny cnut, with no balls. :D

    It is the NAAFI afterall.
  8. Set fire to it, problem solved.

    Tenant has to leave and you get the insurance, it is insured right?
  9. I'm gonna go with my standard response in these type of situations:

    Kill em & bury em in the garden, a lovely new patio will look nice to potential buyers!
  10. Next time you call round for the rent or on the premise of checking or fixing something and he is there, ask him what unit he is in. Whatever his answer sound surprised and reply "wow small world, I have a mate XXX XX in that unit too. When you are sure he is bluffing tell him that a few of his unit, whom you have known for ages are calling in to see you, and you will make a point of bringing them round to see Throbber.

    Call in with a few mates who have been briefed, odds are he will be out, chuck tenants stuff out and change locks.

    If he is in tell him you are going to evict him and his bird, he either goes quietly or has a battering. If you have had a bad day, you could always decide to keep any items of value for outstanding rent.
  11. Feck, I thought it said Tennents, what a disappointment :x
  12. Just fcuk off. End off..
  13. Just give them their notice??? Thats the easy one...and when notice is up take doors of hinges...they wont want to live there then!
  14. Theres RAF St Mawgan at Newquay and RNAS Culdrose at Helston. All within very easy driving distance of Truro mate. And we all know the RAF and navy dont look like squaddies.
  15. St Mawgan is now Civvie :( :(