Need some help please.

I've just found out i have selection in 3-4 weeks (still not a definate date) however, Last night, there was an incident... to cut a long story short, i have to go to court in a week and it's almost certian i will get a 12-18 month driving ban. I can't drive at the moment, never learnt (but they can still stop me learning apparently)

Anyway my question is, will i still be taken? and if so how will the driving ban effect me?

Thank you in advance to any replies, i'm desperate to know and i'm bricking it incase i can't Join.



i think if you tell your recruiter everthing and all dates and stuff and try find out if you do have to learn how to drive in training i dont think you do tho it should be ok i think i dont no tho i might be wrong

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