Need Some Help on Joining, Have Some Questions...

Hey all, basically I want to join the forces and am very interested in the RE/REME, It say you can specialise and do various courses and by the looks of it you can do most of them through your career, would really like to become a Diver and also do the Parachute course to get my wings, but does doing the commando (marines) course let you do more solider type hands on work?

Basically I would like to do infantry type stuff but would liek to get a skill at the same time. I had previously wanted to join the parachute regiment, but am seriously thinking bout the REME. due to picking up various skills and also wanting to become a diver is possible.

My questions are: By doing the Parachute/Commando course, will you be doing more stuff with the infantry or just the same stuff as them, or will you be stuck back somewhere fixing things? I am aware that if you do the parachute course you go to 16th Air Assault and if you do the Commando course you go to 59 Squadron (I think). But will you get to go into battle with the marines as a marine and vice versa for the para's?

Also if that is the case and you do more active infantry work can you do weapons specialisation and gain new skills such as Sniper and be a more usefull man to your unit?

Also from experience how hard is it to ge ta chance to do these specilisations and how often do they run and how long does it take to apply and get to do it.

I know htere are a lot of questions but I would love to hear some feedback and answers, Cheers in advance!
Think you should think hard and talk to your careers office, you sound quite unsure about what you want to do. Good luck and hope you enjoy your choice whatever it may be.
Join the Marines. They are self sufficient, and train their own Armourers/VMs etc Best of both worlds.
I am quite unsure because I would love to do infantry style stuff and becoming a sniper is a goal but not the most important thing its more of a side goal. But it would be nice to get a trade such as electritian but ive heard they are not always transferable to Civy life. But becoming a diver is one thing i would love to do and from what ive heard its near impossible to transfer from an infantry unit to be a diver as they take them from the Royal Engineers.

Thats one reason i thought of going through the RE as you get to do both things and ive read u can do multiple specialisation such as Commando and Diver because Diver is not full time. But I would really liek to know how active the combat engineers are combat wise if you gain the commando specilaisation or Paratrooper, is it a glorified title of do you actually have fire fights with the enemy for example while working with the marines? or are you held back etc? I would just like some info on the lifstyle and activity of the job once you specialise...
Alright Gf,am ex infantry and after a coupleof years i transfered to the Artillery[took about a year and a half] 29 cdo, i would have been quicker getting out and signing up again. And am in TA engineers at the moment ,so i would suggestyou try 24 CDO Engineers....i reckon you have agood chance of getting a decent trade and then do your ALL ARMS CDO Course.
If youwanted your sniper course you would have to join an infantry regt or Marines who probarly run the best and hardest sniper course in the world
Yeh I heard transferring regiments takes ages, I am under the impression if you sign up for it through training once you finish your trade skill you are sent to do the commando/para/diver course after. And you can apply to do it when you are doing your job to. So any idea how combat orientated the Combat Engineers are battle wise? as asked above if anyone can help?
Join Para Reg, work hard, get the sniper course etc get on a few front line ops just so its out of your system. Don't give away future intentions.
Transfer into the REME, work harder, get the tech skills and start on the promotion ladder.
Just another option.
Cheers for hte replys guys, Tytus_Barnowl that was one of my original ideas, that way i would get to do the para thing which is what ive wanted to do for a long time and then after so many years transfer to try a different challenge, thanks though guys, im gonna have a bit more of a think and go from there...
hey gray fox, i joined the reme as a metalsmith but then swapped to be a recovery mechanic so you can change your mind when you are in if you dont like what you are doing

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