Need some help here from the more experienced soldiers!

Discussion in 'Lonely Hearts' started by Squaddiezim, Aug 10, 2010.

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  1. Yesterday I spent 45 minutes on yahoo chat trying to explain to my ex (she may as well be my f***ing wife by the way she was going on) why I'd chosen the Army as a career, after her going on about jeaopardising my life and getting shot at blah blah blah I was like 'look, I haven't done this to purposely go out and get shot at, risk an IED explosion or stepping on a landmine, that is part of the job but God forbid it happens but it comes with the territory'. So basically she was yeah but why that job, there's millions of jobs out there, why the Army so I started again and I told her that none of us "professional soldiers" go out there to purposely get killed, we realise the risks of the job and we get on with it. Guys/gals - how the hell do I explain this to her 'cos its simple, she just doesn't understand. Do I leave it, is it a lost cause trying to explain or what?
  2. She's your ex, tell her to **** off and get on with your life. If she's got a sister why not fire one up her as a leaving present.
  3. Auld-Yin

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    For once I have to agree with CQMS. I hope it is not catching :)
  4. Make sure you shoot a little jet of wasm in each of her sister's eyes after doing her, before taking a photo on your phone and sending it to the ex telling her how much better in bed her sister is...
  5. Haha, I would but we still mates and she's over 6000 miles away...
  6. Maybe she just worries about you and doesn't know how to tell you that..
  7. She probably just worries about you, cares about you and doesn't want you to die. Seems reasonable.
    Have you recently signed up? I suspect you'll be having variations of this conversation with many loved ones and it comes back to the fact that you trust your training, you're aware of the risks of the environments you work in and you're willing to take it on the chin.
    The explanation is that simple but the question she's asking is not.
  8. Bollocks, she's been binned by a bloke with prospects and she's realised it. She now faces a future as baby producing dolescum, being slapped about by anyone who'll pay.

    She'll die in a gutter injecting heroin after her feral sprogs are taken into care.
  9. I think she misses him a lot but simply doesn't know how to tell him that....
  10. Too ******* late, she's been binned. She wanted Squaddiezim at home at her beck and call, un-*******-lucky, he's going to make a name for himself and will be fighting off classy chicks with a shitty stick. The ex will endure squalor and deprivation and an early death. No one will give a shit.
  11. If she misses me she must say so but she mustn't question my career choices and never expect me to choose her over the Army cos that will never happen - I've chosen my career and I love the Army, best move I've ever made. Yes, we're mates still and we get on better as mates than as a couple (in my opinion) and yes we talk but I seriously wish she'd understand, reminds me of my sister when we were having a convo with my Brother-inlaw a while ago - so, my ex is being just like my sister was - unable to grasp the fact why we do it and what for.

    Screw it, just not going to try and explain anymore!!!

    Ps. Joined a while ago now, a year has shot by very quickly - its shit when you're enjoying yourself, goes far too quickly!
  12. Quite. I don't think it's entirely about your career choice though, if you were still together (don't know if it was a recent break up but it certainly sounds as if there is still some emotional involvement) I'd say you should reassure her but you don't need to do that now.
    I ought to say that it's a bit difficult to have relationships with men whose jobs puts them in danger; you've got to give her that... Maybe she's just processing a lot concerns she had and she'll drop it soon enough.
    It may not be that she doesn't understand the facts though, really. I was going to write a big long thing about why she might find it hard to reconcile your devotion to something that she sees as threatening to her ideals but it's not your problem is it? The two of you are not together so you don't owe her any more reassurances or explanations than the ones you've already given her. If she starts again just tell her you've explained it to her already.
  13. That makes a whole lot of sense, I don't owe her anything. We broke up in 2004 before I came over here so been apart a long time now. Perhaps she does understand as you've said, she's just shit scared of what could come out of it!
  14. No disrespect but she is your EX!!! WTF has she got to do with your life now? Rest assured were anyone, let alone a bloody ex, whinge on about anything in my life, then I would just show them the door and politely remind them to **** off if they dont like what I am doing. Until you pay my bills and live my life then you do not have a say in how it is run. Let her voice her opinion by all means but the minute she will not shut up, just ignore her and crack on.
  15. ffs I thought i'd stumbled across Dear Deirdre by mistake. This has nothing to do with her worrying about your well being etc.. The thought has just occurred to her that as a squaddie you are now obliged to stick your wee chap in anything that moves and somethings that don't.