need some help guys!!!!

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by borderfox69, Jul 29, 2009.

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  1. hi all
    well firstly i went to do my barb yesterday and got a 65 so well pleased got offered most jobs!
    I sat down with my recruiter and went through all my job choices!
    He was really pushing for me to go into the royal irish regiment but i have heard that this is due to the fact that they get bonuses for getting as many numbers in as possible and that thet are due to go to afghanistan in 2010. (is this true????)

    The one job that i did really like was royal artillery as an as90 gunner! But once again he tried putting me off due to the fact that i cannot go to afghanistan with this! so what i really want to know is what ye people in the know think about being an as90 gunner and what kind of travelling can you do with it?

    ps : i have searched the forums for this info but have had no luck!
  2. The reason he has put you off is because there are no jobs programmed for AS90 until after april next year, if you search the forums you will see that jobs in the Army are now nearly all gone.
  3. Yeah basically they are no RA jobs now, not until next year anyway because its full, he was probably pushing you for Royal Irish because you would get in quicker, if you want to be an AS90 gunner that much then apply for that and wait till next year, but if your not as fussed and want to be in the army in combat the the RI is a good option, if they go to Afghan next year so what... you are going to have to go sometime, should be somethin you look forward to not something you avoid the regiment for
  4. Eh?? Everybody is highly likely to go to Afghanistan at some time. Why would an AS90 Gunner specifically not go to afghan???
  5. Apologies if I am not reading the situation right
    You want to be an AS90 Gunner but your avoiding
    Afghanistan ?
  6. Correct me if I'm wrong, I though AS90 gunners were been 'temp climatised' to use the Light Gun on stan tours? Or get down with the dirty and do patrols as per infantry??

  7. Well done you BARB score :)

    I have read some where that AS90 don't go to Afghanistan but I'm not sure why.

    If you want to go down that route then you should, its you career not the recruiting officers.

    Maybe you should look at other roles in the Royal Artillery? Do a tour of Afghanistan then transfer to the AS90 roles.

    I'm not in the army so I don't know how possible it is?

    Good luck :D
  8. there are many, many people who could have had different careers if they'd listened to their recruiter.

    sometimes recruiters are trying to push people towards jobs for which they are more suited (e.g. if it appears they are too stupid to do A, B or C.) however, it is more common that they have a quota or particular interest in certain jobs. hell, i would have joined the RA instead of Int Corps if i'd listened to my recruiter. glad i ignored him.

    do what YOU want to do. your recruiter seems like the most important person in your life right now, but as soon as you get your joining date you'll forget he even existed. it's your life and your career, not his. stick with what you want to do, not what someone else is pushing you towards.
  9. thanks for some of the advise lads!!!

    just to clear this up, one of my reasons for joining the army is to see combat so going to stan is not a problem trust me!
    from what ive been reading as90 gunners dont go there not sure why? just wondering what other parts of the world they do go?

    And he did say that i would be waiting up until march next year to get a place but that doesnt bother me tis worth waiting for!!!!
  10. Ah right, fair play mate.
  11. They don't deploy their with their guns because they are not using them out there, it does not mean that they cannot be used in a patrolling sense (although it is unlikely that they will do that).

    However if you want combat why are you thinking about Artillery, or specifically AS90, it is Light Gun if anything that is going to see you in a combat role in Afghanistan, or better still join the Infantry if its the sharp end that you want.

    Given that AS90 is a weapon that fires from behind the front line, it is a Combat role but not in the strict sense of actually being able to see the enemy ;)
  12. Your recruiter will by no means get any bonus etc for recruiting you, manning in the army, in particular the Infantry is looking pretty healthy at the moment so it is very doubtful that he will get anything out of recruiting you to his unit.

    He is right in the fact that you will wait a long time for an AS90 job, or any other RA job for that matter, he may be advising on the infantry beacause chances are you will get there sooner than a lot of trades at the moment, however, who knows whats going to happen tomorrow.

    No matter what you join it is likely that you will become a frequent visitor to Aghanistan. I think, and I stress the word think, that there is no role for AS90 in Afghanistan at the moment and that a lot of AS90 gunners are re-training for other more practical roles.

    The most important thing to remember is that he is a careers advisor, he should not be ''pushing'' anything, if he's a decent guy he will go out of his way to help you make a choice that best suits you.

    Good luck.
  13. Can I please de bunk the myth that

    A. your Recruiter has quotas to fill for any jobs ( He just has an overall TARGET for the year into the Army)

    B. Your Recruiter does not get a bonus for filling certain trades (if he did I wouldnt have left the office)

    C.Your Recruiter is looking for the right job for you (If he thinks you are not cut out for a job he will try to steer you to a job he thinks you will BE GOOD at)
  14. A point to note that regions and offices do have cap badge quotas to fill, the office manager has a directive from the CRR to supply a certain amount of soldiers per cap badge ;)

    And that makes up the office target, the office targets make up the regional target ;)
  15. I hope my quota for the RLC was one then :wink: