need some help, Gents

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by armourer, May 12, 2005.

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  1. Need some help Gents, anyone know this area? I just want background info on it.

    Rilstone Rd

    Some shit thinks he's going to f*ck me about.

  2. Why gents! bit sexist isn't it!!
    What sort of info do you want?
  3. Whats the point in asking a bird anything involving geography or directions etc..

    Like asking a fish to build you a hatrack
  4. Who rattled your cage?
  5. Me being a gentleman I responded as per his request.

    Whats your excuse Mr Sidebottom? :D
  6. Possibly cause i know the area in question
  7. The idiot who is trying to f*ck me over lives down rilstone road, I wondered what type of area it is ..students, poor, rich, rough, soft, etc etc what I'd really like to know is what is the colour of his front door and whats in his front garden, lawn, slabs etc etc

    I promise I'm not going to kill him.....
  8. why don't you get off yer fat arrse and see for yourself
  9. Armourer do a search for

    Rilstone Road, on Google maps and it will point you right to it.

    Seems to be quite close to edgebaston cricket ground

    PS, here is some local info, but you didnt get it off me... right! :D

    Harborne constituency details
  10. Been screwed over on ebay by any chance ?
  11. ...not those genuine SAS ratpacks again?? :twisted:
  12. Knob, now f*ck off.
  13. Agent_Smith, thanks for the info.

    polar69, no not ebay.

    Cuddles, don't like SAS rat packs ...not enough pies :D
  14. Well now, so you can give it out big boy but can't take it... what you'd expect from a basement dweller (sniffing the oils and lubricants that does it)