Need some help for Sgt Slingsby

Hi all

I need the power of ARRSE to come to bear, see what I did there :D

As you all know Sgt Slingsy and his team of assorted hangers on are currently all over the place. Each time they go out we want to be able to provide a folder of information, instructions, stickers, comment cards, sponsor information and other stuff.

To keep with the military theme I thought a BATCO wallet would be ideal but obviously we can't just nip out to Staples and buy one, neither do we want anyone to nick any, so I want to find out who makes them so we can basically ask for a favour and half a dozen freebies.

Can anyone let me know who makes them or even where I might get hold of some promotional samples or any other means of getting them without resorting to anything that might bring the bear into disrepute

Thanks in advance
Can no one help, nearly 200 views and a blank.

Come on chaps...

Does anyone have access to a parts number database that shows the manufacturer or anything similar

Wallet is Army Code (AC) 62175
The clear plastic wallets are (AC) 62177
Plastic sheets are (AC) 62178

Thanks in advance for any help


I think the biggest problem you have mate, is most places have chucked them. I've not seen one for ages. Sorry if that doesn't help.
I know it's not a BATCO wallet, but you could contact Black Horse and see whether they'd be willing to help you out with something similar.
What about the Old Shooting Record Card holders we used to get! Sure there are many knocking about in training offices!
I did wonder whether they were still issue now everything has gone all electric trickery.

I wanted something that could house multiple plastic wallets in a decent enough size, our fallback plan is a Nirex or as suggested contacting one of the manufacturers of similar things. Just thought BATCO wallets would be easier to come by.

Serious though everyone, thanks for the sugestions