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Hi fellow Arrsers,

So I've recently completed my BARB and have been told I have free reign of choice - got an 80 and level 1/2 for my English and Maths - This has really thrown a spanner in the works for me cos I wanted to join the Irish Guards and my recruiter has advised me against it.

He has since told me he would rather see me go down the intelligence route, basically they dont want me in a combat arm. Now I have 5 options that I have narrowed down to but I cant go any lower than that.

I was hoping some people could tell me about prospects within the following regiments and basically what you think is the best, I'm just so confused!!!

Anyway here are the 5, in no particular order.
1 - Intelligence Corps
2 - Ammunition Technician
3 - Royal Irish/Irish Guards
4 - Queens Royal Hussars
5 - Royal Artillery

Cheers for taking the time to read my small essay and I look forward to the responses, especially the banter between cap badges haha!

It's your life, your career and your choice. If you want to go Irish Guards, then go Irish Guards. No-one else can tell you which Corps/Regt is best for you. This is the first of many decisions you will have to make in regards your career, if you do what someone else wants you to do , you will only regret it. If you aren't really that bothered about Irish Guards, then you will have to sit down and look further into each of the other roles and decide which suits you best.

Listen to the advice from your recruiter.

Go away and think about it.

Review your wish to go to the IG.

Don't be swayed into doing something that YOU don't want to do. You'll regret doing so and eventually resent it.

Probably no-one on here knows you so won't know your reason for the original choice - I could tell you to get a trade (which I didn't), join the Sappers (which I did) and go Commando and Bomb Disposal.

I've done 32 years and the only thing I regret is not getting a trade and I was led down that path by the Personnel Selection Officer.

I did the other stuff and it was brilliant.

Think about your choices, choose what you want to do and make a good go of it.

Sorry for waffling, good luck.



PS The PSO advised me to go Combat Sigs (because the Sappers were shy of Scaleys in them days) which I did and was fairly successful at but still wished that I'd done a trade).
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