Need Some Help Choosing My Regiment/Unit After Phase 2 Training

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Shellshocked, Apr 14, 2012.

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  1. We're are very short on information here when it comes to selecting a regiment. We got 1 PowerPoint in Phase 1 about the places available and asked us to select a place there and then, I placed some 1 LSR in Germany, but now things have changed and I need to stay in the UK.

    Can anyone point me in the right direction on enquiring some information on the places available within the UK, I am a Driver.
    I am basically looking for info such as size, upcoming exercises, upcoming tours and accommodation, as well as likely hood of being accepted.

    Please, any help appreciated.
  2. Need to stay in the UK?
  3. I mean be based in the UK, opposed to Germany.
  4. What you got against the box tops?
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  5. Yes we read what you said but what makes you think you should have a right to a home posting?

    You have only just joined and the Army should be your priority, you can't just expect to sit out the next few years with a posting to the Womens Auxiliary Observer Baloon Corp because you got some pramface up the duff on weekend leave.
  6. Maybe a bloke who wants to go to Der Vaterland can now go?

    It isn't a sign of weakness to post someone where they'd like to be, rather than just going where one was told... within reason obviously.

    Something about the needs of hte Forces coming first, but the soldiers needs coming a close second.
  7. Sorry but he used the word "need" and not "want".

    That means he needs to sort his priorities out.
  8. So would I... first posting was 14 sigs in the mighty Osna-traz. Brilliant.

    They moved back to UK just after I left... I stayed in Germany though.
  9. Not only out of UK. I got my first preference. What is it with, 'I want to stay in UK'?
  10. So much egomania here.
    I'm just after some information on RLC Regiments not the "Good Ole' Days", when you got posted. The Grunts are not ORDERED to select a place of Posting you'd LIKE/WANT to go.
    I originally wanted to go Germany, but got the misses up the duff, so shit changed, soz for being horny.
  11. You already made your choice and then you were stupid enough to throw one up the missus.

    Thats your problem I am afraid so don't be suprised if they tell you tough shit.
  12. You are a tool: and as such; will be used as seen fit.
  13. Anyway It was me that got your Mrs up the duff - a bit dribbled out of her arse and swam up her clacker- sorry!
  14. You also have to ask yourself "I have been away training for the best part of the year so how do I know it's mine?"