need some help and advice

hi there guys i have noticed a reply hasnt been posted in a while so dont know if anyone will answer my question. i really dont know what regiment to join am from scotland so it looks like it would be the RRS and from dundee so would be 3 Scots but my dad was a major in 3 Scots and i have spent sometime moving about and so with them and it doesnt apeel to me anymore, i was wondering what regiments can i join insted of the RRS what regs are good and would any english accept a scotsman ?

thanks in advance.
shedboy said:
would any english accept a scotsman ?
Yep, well there are latrines to be dug and heavy weights to be carried, you will be welcomed with open arms.

I think you will find that pretty much all regts. are of a good standard over the board so in the professional sense it wouldn't matter too much. Just go with your instinct, do the traditions of that regt. sound good to you? If you are a jock in an english regt. You will tke stick or ribbing in the same way I did for my height, but you will be halfway to being a character automatically and it stands you in good stead for life if you take it as it is meant. All units have a tame jock or three and is just part of the colour of the community.

Most importantly enjoy that band of brothers that is the infantry wherever you decide and work hard to be a good professional and mate and you won't regret it.
Good luck.

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