Hello everyone,

I’m new on here but found some threads interesting and was hoping someone could help. I suffer from depression as a result of HERRICK. I claimed on AFCS and was awarded level 13.

I have appealed that and I am waiting for an appeal date etc. I saw from somewhere on ere about RBL helping and I am waiting for them to get back in touch.

I was seeing DCMH before I left (voluntarily left) because I hated how I was and thought an early discharge would be the solution. Obviously not. So I left before I could start my planned treatment programme. The level 13 award was something like substantial recovery within 26 weeks. I suffered with this for more than this time before I saw a phsyciatrist let alone how I suffer now. To cut a long story short; I don’t know who I am anymore and I am numb almost robotic like. Can’t feel things etc and obviously know this is a result of shutting things away and ghosting through life to just try get by.

How long does it take to get the appeal date?

Is it all worth the extra stress? Have I got a good chance of winning?
The key thing/ argument is how long you have been suffering from it.
In Tables 3 and 4 of the AFCS tariff a reference in a descriptor to duration of effects means from the date the claimant first sought medical advice in respect of the mental disorder.
This could be when you first spoke to your GP abou it not necessairy when it was diagnosed
if you havent heard from RBL, Irwin mitchell is an option.
when was your award made ?
Does anyone have a list of the grading levels and their meanings. Got my first claim award but don't understand the officer-speak in the letter

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