need some good medical advice about where to go next

Ok for a good few months now I have been feeling light headed and off balance and at the worse of times feeling dizzy kind of like being on a ship that’s capsizing, I find it very hard to describe the symptoms. Any way I have had the all clear from the E and T consultant with blood tests negative, mri negative choleric tests normal ecg normal what I wanted to know was how long will the deferral be once I get this sorted and dose any one know of any specialist nuro consultants I can go to get a decent diagnoses (ent said if symptoms don’t improve get a nuro referral) thank you in advance for any advice offerd i am getting quite desprate
Have you ever thought that it might be something a little more simpler like just a low blood sugar level, Or an iron deficiency? Are you eating right?
I sometimes suffer from similar symptoms, once I sober up I'm usually fine.

On a serious note your deferral depends on the diagnosis, the important thing is to get it sorted and worry about your application afterwards.
might very well be and i will be more carefull about what i eat just in case and i will get the blood sugar levels checked agin when i go back to the doctor.
You could buy a blood suger tester from most chemists/supermarkets for £10-£15 that lets you test your own blood, my OH has one for her diabetes.

Always handy to check yours, keep a record and take it with you when you next see Dr., keep records of time/date tested and before/after food etc, all will help and try to do the tests same times every day.

Most chemists (Lloyds are always advertising) can do simple screening for things like diabetes (not wishing to scare you) but maybe worth having a chat with a good chemist (NOT the pretty assistants)
where to go next. maybe the navy they? that way when on a ship it will counter balance the sway feeling you are getting.
Is this not vertigo - if so I don't believe it will go
actually i was looking for the name of a good nuro consaultant or other specialists who specialise in dealing with virtigo to see about getting a proper diagnoses and tretment tho sugestions from medical staff as to what is causing it are also welcome
i saw this problem on sky TV a few months ago,

bloke had a huge donger and when his one eyed soldier stood to attention he felt a bit light headed too??

just a thought like...

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