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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by buggerandbuggerer, Apr 25, 2006.

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  1. Hello there my dear people, I am looking for a bit of excitement from the ladies.

    No I am not here to hunt **** I have more than enough of that at home.

    I have been married a long time but my husband is pretty straight ion the bedroom department. Don't get me wrong we have a fantastic love life but i am hankering after a wee drink from the furry cup so to speak.

    This is a genuine request to the ladies out there who may be interested.

    Before you all ask, my picture will not be gracing the gallery but if people really are interested then pm me and I will try my best to help you out, piccie wise.

    Also I don't fall into the catagry of "troll" not munter.

    Hope to hear from you lovely ladies soon

  2. No 'WAH' totally genuine
  3. I dont eat fish thank you. :x
  4. Why mad bossyboots? no one is forcing you
  5. It dosen't have to be restricted to ladies.

    I have a furry hole that you can drink from.
  6. wrong emote gaw dammit...i still dont eat fish though!
  7. Leave her alone boys

    She may be shy

  8. You didn't say that last night.

  9. hush..that was supposed to be a secret :oops:
  10. Did he taste like a nice prawn c0cktail or a 4 week old haddock?
  11. I couldn't tell really 8O
  12. I wouldn't drink from your hole if you paid me
  13. What if I payed you to eat from his furry hole?
  14. Pay stabtiffy :eek: has the world gone completely mad??? 8O