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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by cassa3897, Mar 22, 2013.

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  1. I arrived in Afghanistan in the 17th if feb, I was casevac'd to bastion in the 20th of march and am currently awaiting physio and fob test. Have I already qualified for my medal or do I need more days in the ground? And as an extra, do you know if I've qualified for op bonus or what criteria is needed, thanks
  2. Hmm, well as an extra I believe you get a daily rate of about £20, or £30, if you have a line or two to speak. As you have done more than 30 days in country, yes you qualify. Although I would be more worried about getting better than gongs. Hope your injuries aren't serious and get well soon.

    PS what's an 'extra' in your terminology?

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  3. Might want to try one of the grown up forums. This is the NAAFI.

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    Ah, beaten to it by the navigationally challenged AOS.
  4. Just mean as an extra question. Just to seeif anyone know the requirements to qualify for your op bonus, thankyou for the answer tho. Hopefully be back on the ground within a month
  5. Oi, whatchoo talkin' 'bout, Willis???

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  6. Sounds serious. Amazing what modern medicine can do.
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  7. He's really Baby Jeebus and I claim my £5.

    He's also a money grabbing cunt.
  8. Bollocks. I'm Jeebus and I'm keeping the collection.
  9. I've already eaten your Easter Eggs.
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  10. meh. You only get Christmas cos of me. Think on.
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  11. If youve been casavaced to the uk you will be entitled to your medal and your op bonus
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