need some advice

a while ago i applied to join the RAF but 7 months ago i got failed at the medical due to having a ear infection i did have a letter from my doctor explaining this but the RAF doctor didn't care an declared me PMU I've had the infection sorted and im now going for the army I've passed my BARB test i now need to do the medical side but i do no i have a slight hearing loss of 10db-20db.

should i come clean to the army because i just want the chance at selection not to be shown the door now by the army because i was told i was PMU by the RAF.

also will the army find out i applied to the RAF if i don't say that i did.
You are asked if you have applied to serve in the Armed Forces in your forms.

Don't tell lies.
Short answer, come clean.

To elaborate, the Army will know fine well that you have previously applied to the RAF. They will also know what the outcome of your application was. Bear in mind also that the forms will need to be filled in by a civvie doctor, not you.

Integrity is a virtue, not a swearword, and if you are shown to be lacking this early on in the process, you will not be doing yourself any favours.
Excellent start... :roll:

Well, you have to think about this yourself now, don't you? How many ways are there TO word this?

You really don't have any options here. Tell them ASAP, or wait for their phonecall after they have been told from someone else. I'm sure they will think you are just ace if that happens, and will be more than happy to keep helping you... :evil:

Guys - I applied for the navy about this time last year and had to terminate my application after a month due to unforseen family circumstances that turned out pretty nasty.

Either way, I explained this to my recruiter and he said not to bother mentioning it in my application as they dont check.

Although silly, you'll be fine.

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