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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Thebull140, Dec 6, 2004.

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  1. I'm after advice for a friend who is also a serving soldier and is getting messed around royally by the supposed seniors at his regiment. He's been put on 3 month benders for bull shit reasons, removed from his class 1 course by his regiment, had his bender extended, been given postings and had them taken off him and has been forced to resit his class 1 entrance exam. He has been sat at his current regiment for over 4 years and is clearly a victim his face not fitting with his hierachy. Are there any options open to him that can offer him advice or help.
  2. Your 'friend' should, in the first instance, make his grievance known officially, in writing to his immedaite chain of command (Pl/Tp Comd) making it clear that if his grievances are not taken seriously, he will ellivate his complaint to the next level (OC). If he is scared of retribution, he should copy each of his letters to the UWO or the Unit EO officer.

    His complaint should be accurate and not embellish his perception of what has happened to him but be factual, quoting wherever possible dates and times of incidents/conversations.

    In the first instance, he should simply be asking for an explanation of his treatment. If this is not forthcoming or can be refuted, then he should again take his complaint to the next level.

    Everyone has the right to complain or seek redress if they believe they have been treated unfairly. His case will be made stronger if he can seek specific redress using the correct format under the Army Act/AGAIs/QRs, the reference for which he can get from his orderly room.

    Good Luck!
  3. Make sure you do this within 3 months of what you are complaining about, or as least the last incident of what your mate feels was harassment that happened, then list the other times after.
    Your informal complaint must go to the CO not OC and only give 7 days before you go formal. If your complaint involves the CO then take things higher. Don't take shet or any hog wash from the Chain Of Command. (they will try)
    The Redress system and how its handled by the Chain Of Command in allegations of bullying ect, all the way to the Army Board will soon become very public within the next two months, and it will not be very pleasant reading. or help dispel the majority held belief in the Armed forces that the redress system in a number of cases fails miserably, especially if the complaint involves Harassment, and a certain contentious policy.

    Get it in though I have a funny feeling that by the time this story comes out, redress will be taken more seriously and the Chain of Command will want to get it right..this time

    An MP allready knows that somthing is in the water on this subject
    GOOD LUCK :wink:
  4. Frankly, I'm skeptical. If they don't like him, why keep him in one place for four years? "Face doesn't fit" sounds pretty unlikely. What's he done to get people's backs up? It can't have just been one guy as, after four years, there must have been a complete change in unit personnel, unless you're suggesting that there's some kind of conspiracy being enacted on handover, each time someone leaves.

    He's on a 3MWO - which explains why his posting orders were cancelled, because one cannot be posted whilst on a Formal Warning (except trainees finishing training) - and presumably this is due to competence issues, which would explain the removal from the Class 1 course. Units are not expected to send personnel for Cl 1 trg who are not considered capable of passing it as this wastes training spaces. The entrance exam re-sit is probably due to the extended time period between the first and the re-sit (with a 3MWO in the middle!) and the requirement to retake is probably set by the training establishment, not the parent unit.

    You don't mention whether he passed the re-sit.

    Now, I've made a lot of assumptions and that's because - in my limited experience - it's pretty unusual for a "hierarchy" to take against a single person without that person being a substantial pain in the arrse. But it's not impossible, so all the advice given before now remains valid and, of course, one always has good old section 180 of the Army Act 1955 - the right to complain.

  5. He did pass his re-sit quite considerably. the reason he got put on a bender was due to the state of his det on a first line inspection while the guy was away on compassionate after his mum had died. I'm not trying to defend him i'm trying to help him. He was given 3 month bender that finished before his course was due to start which they extended because he hadn't reached the required standard (why didn't they just bust him and allow him to go on his course). He then recieved a posting order which he has had cancelled since finishing his bender. In response to his ability to pass the course, the person they sent instead of him scraped a pass on his entrance and has subsequently failed every test on the course and is looking at getting binned himself.
  6. Get a new face?
  7. Bizarre. A 3MWO for a shoddy det? What about previous? A 3MWO is a warning for discharge, so it should have been pretty serious. Hence why they didn't "bust" him and let him go. Busting would have meant discharge. With a 3MWO you either reach the standards and come off the warning, fail to reach and get an extension or get binned completely.

    I'm still mystified as to why they would have cancelled the Posting if his 3MWO was up. I would have expected them to be glad to see his back.

    Not enough detail to advise confidently.

  8. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    I agree with Ideas factory. The 3 Month Wng O is used pretty sparingly these days - normally in my experience for people who are totally useless and to give a 'wake up or get out' message. Although this person is your mate, you may just want to find out if there is more to this than you think. certainly when I last have dealings with them, the individual's OC was required to submit 3 reports at each of the successive monthly points so hopefully your man is now performing as usual.
  9. In my experience the 'one incident' that guys quote as a reason for any form of disciplinary action is actually usually the last straw for the CoC. However, it ain't beyond the realms - especially for attached arms - and I don't know the guy. But he should be getting weekly reports from his Pl Comd and monthly ones from his OC, which he should be getting sight of so he has a chance there to speak up if he doesn't feel he is being correctly reported on. If he has been given a second warning then I would suggest that they aren't trying to shaft him or they would have discharged him already.

    If he has been at the same unit 4 years and doesn't have anyone in his CoC he can talk to about this then it may speak volumes? Get some crusty AGC bloke to help, they usually make pretty good barrack room lawyers? :lol:
  10. Less of it f2y2d! I am barely a day over 35, and despise barrack room lawyers with a passion!
  11. Obviously not crusty enough yet, then, mutineer.