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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by MR_T, Nov 23, 2005.

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  1. The Chief Clerk at my unit is displaying a current tax disc on his car that obviously belongs to a different vehicle as the registration number and make of car on the disc to not correspond to the car he is driving. DVLA have today confirmed that his car is untaxed and therefore it is a CivPol matter as he is driving the car to and from work on a public highway. Problem is that it is parked daily at a TA unit which is MOD property and therefore private. Would appreciate some advice from our law enforcers on how to pursue this matter .

  2. Just a question but how did you get the DVLA to tell you the car is not taxed? A quick word in his ear, to say that a few people have noticed the tax disc, may prompt him to get it changed and will not require the civpol to be involved or do you want to see him in the shit?
  3. There is a page on DVLA's website on which you can enter an index number and return details of the vehicle including whether it's taxed. Go here and click on 'Vehicle Enquiry'

    To drop offenders in it, click here: DVLA

    MoD property is considered to be the same as a public road for the purposes of traffic law.
  4. Depending on where you live i would do one of the following
    a) go into the internet and see if you local police force has a web site for reporting crime and you can do it that way
    b) find out the non emergency reporting number for you local police force and bubble him that way

    you can report an untaxed vehicle anonymously to dvla on 0800 032 5202 they will then write a polite letter advising him of the error of his ways in having an untaxed vehicle and can ask for the back tax between when it was last taxed and now or will give a straight forward fine/penalty

    if he is driving around displaying a tax disc not relevant to his vehicle he is committing a number of offences so could really find himself in the sh1t

    havent you got any one like rmps/mod plods who control the gate who could speak with him ????
  5. Do you not like this guy. You seem to be like a dog with a bone. If his car isnt taxed the authorities will catch up with him. Or are you one of these people who likes to play the Sir, Sir do u know that the Cheif hasnt got a tax disc.
    He has no Tax ...............You have no life. Cnut :lol:
  6. Darthtater,

    in reply to your post, a couple of people had a word in his ear as far back as three months ago, he insisted he had a valid tax disc but it had slipped down the front of his dashboard, hence the reason for using the tax disc from his daughters car, who happens to be banned from driving!


    we are a TA unit and don't have dealings with rmp/modplods, its the local police who deal with us. I reported it the DVLA yesterday, so hopefully they will write to him. My main concern is that if he has an accident his insurance would be invalid, and as some people here have pointed out he might not even have any insurance as you can't get a tax disc without it. All i can do for now is wait out and see how it goes as I am not the only person on his case.

  7. I hope the individual concerned gets his comeuppance. He is a SNCO or WO and should be setting an example. As Chf Clk he has a position of trust and responsibility; not only has he avoided paying the tax on his car, he has deliberately tried to make it look as if he has - what does this say about his integrity? If he'd lost the proper disc all he has to do is write to DVLA for a replacement. Since car insurance policies invariably require the car to be properly taxed to be valid, he is driving without insurance. Uninsured drivers put premium costs up for everyone else.

    Let DVLA/the police sort it out. Of course, it could be that, for example, this man and his wife taxed their cars at the same time and put the wrong disc on the wrong cars; still an offence, but the police would probably not prosecute once the right disc was on the right car. If it's a simple mistake he has nothing to fear.
  8. As far as I am aware there are powers in force to crush cars not showing appropriate tax disc or not showing any at all. Also a major integrity issue going on, not only is he not taxed as VB says if his story is true he can apply for a replacement. However he is attempting to mislead byusing his daughter's tax disc and he is most likely an uninsured driver. If civpol do pursue he is leaving himself wide open for AGAI as well.
  9. What the funky monkey has it got to do with you.

    If you are loosing sleep over it I suggest you take yourself off to a quiet corner and have a word.

    You snidy little no life snot bag

    perhaps you need to rebadge as rmp, or maybe become a special copper/traffic warden

    Integrity smegrity you'd probably grass him up for swamping on the street on a run ashore

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  10. Windup or are you serious?

    Just on the off chance you are serious.


    If a SNCO/WO is quite blatantly breaking the law and lieing about it to those under his command he deserves everything that can be thrown at him.

    You sound just like all the other "it's nothing to do with me" w@nkers who just turn their heads and look the other way whenver anything nasty happens.

    I hope this unisured car drives into yours. See how much you like being stuck with the bill for repairs because some chav tw@ can't be bothered to tax and insure his car.
  11. Its only a minor offence.
    However, if I were his boss, I would be looking at any other 'short cuts' he might be taking in his work with the TAC. Its usally people like this that have a whole iceberg of problems sitting under this tip.
  12. He would not appear to be committing an offence, as the failure to display a valid excise licence must be committed on a road maintained by the local authority. MoD owned roads and land do not generally fall within this definition.

    He commits an offence as soon as he drives from MoD land onto the public highway. Furthermore, a CO has the right to deny an untaxed (or any other vehicle) from entering his unit.

    If you're happy subsidising car tax dodgers, do nothing. Otherwise, shop him to DVLA (I see you already have). If, as he claims, he has lost the disc, but has paid the duty, DVLA will take no action. However, if the police catch him displaying a disc that does not belong to the vehicle, he could be prosecuted for fraudulent use of a vehicle excise licence, which is a more serious offence.
  13. Every unit I have served at has included the requirement for vehicles to be taxed (unless with permission, and a SORN obtained), so the chap with the wrong tax disc is committing an offence whether he's on the public road or not.

    Such as (these are RAF for the benefit of the snowdrop above:



    Good to see the RAF Police are as well informed as ever! :roll:
  14. Grass him up. If his vehicle is not taxed, then his insurance is invalid and anyone involved in a RTA with him will have to whistle.
    Irresponsible cu*t!
    If informing on him puts you in a difficult postion, PM me with his details, and I will gladly drop him in it.
  15. Viro Bono

    I'm not sure why you think generic RAF SSOs might apply to the TA unit mentioned in the original post.

    Notwithstanding this, the extant service legal advice is that, an apparent vehicle excise license offence, 'committed' on a road that does not fall within the definition of a 'public road', under the Vehicle Excise and Registration Act 1994 (and MOD-maintained roads do not), would not be proven and should not be charged.

    Legally, therefore, the driver of a vehicle without a valid vehicle excise licence, may be denied access to a service unit and may be required to leave one, but cannot be charged with any vehicle excise offence, alleged to have been committed off a 'public road', contrary to local orders (or any other legislation).

    In practice, the Service Police would require the driver to leave the unit and the civilian police would deal with the offence, once the vehicle was on a 'public road'.