Need some advice with regards to tour money

To start off I don't want to sound like a money grabber, I just simply need some advice to weigh up my options.

I have been 9liner cat c back to bastion due to a back injury, I've been bedded down for 5 days now and atleast another 3 to go. But this has been in a tent as a pose to role 3.

To get back to the pb I'm going to have to pass the fob fitness test next week, which I am almost 100% sure to fail seemings tho I can barely walk.

I was wondering if anyone knew what I would be entitled to, if anything if I were to be aeromed back to the uk, (which seems likely ATM) or would it be more financially beneficial to attempt to get attached to a j4 chain for the remainder of the tour?

All info and advice is welcome, thankyou


I very much doubt you'll have any choice in whatever decision is made. The last thing you need after a back injury is to work anywhere that your back may be put under the opportunity for more damage.
Unless you are essential to the tour effort get yourself sorted! A few extra quid ain't gonna be any use if you can't get your spastic wheelchair near a cash machine.

Speak to you CoC you might still get your full bonus if you're ferked off on medical grounds.

Good luck.
The JSP states that for 6 months of Op Bonus you must be hospitalised either in R3 or UK. However, even if you have not been in hospital, your unit may put up a case to get you the money. Depends on circumstances.
What yellowbelly doesnt tell you is its not as clear cut as that. I was Cat C Areomed back to the UK but without immediate hospitalisation, I had to wait for an operation at a NHS hospital which was 6 months later, however I still recieved my full op tour bonus. The JSP is not as clear cut as it ought to be so a lot of thew time the decision comes down to your RAO's dept.

There is a lot of mis-information flying around. I got told by a clerk in the Rear JOC that I wouldnt be recieving it as I hadnt spent 24 hours in Role 3. However upon reading the JSP and showing my RAO he authorised the payment.


get yourself better first mate, I didnt and am paying for it seven years later, do as the docs say. I dont know about the money side of things. Its part of the moral compass that we are selfless when on tour. Your injured now and no use in theatre, next priority is to get back to fitness. Dont try and take shortcuts, and dont let your unit try and rush you through as fit, follow the med chain,

Good luck mate

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