need some advice RE: pay and benefits


ok so if i join the REME as a tech, what kind of pay can i expect during training and then after

also can i still claim tax credits (im 21, 22 in april and have a 10 month old son)

also with regards to REME tech being promoted on time instead of merit, does your pay increase with the promotion or only on acceptance of a vacant position I.E. when i finish training i am eligible for promotion to LCpl, does this entail a pay rise (im not bothered if it does) a better example perhaps... promotion to seargent, does that entail a pay rise or only if you take up a vacant position performing seargent related duties within a regiment.

thanks for listening.


I am not to hot on REME trade’s, during training you will possibley be getting less than 15k, after training you will probably be earning over the working tax credit threshold which I believe is somewhere around 15k mark, you will still be able to get child tax credits. You should speak to those in the know, click on the link.
As a Tech I can tell you about the promotion side. You are promoted on a time basis up to and including the rank of Sergeant (as long as you have a recommendation in your current CR/SJAR). There is no worry about filling slots as you don't always have to be posted to be promoted. If you do then you will not be paid until you fill that slot as you wont wear the rank until then anyway.

Not sure about working tax credits but I think you can still claim. Need to look into it myself :D


If my response seems bordering negative! I am not REME, but your questions are all money/pay related. Whlist to some, money is a motivator, it is not the be all and end all of your future in the British Army.

Your are joining for somehting more than tax credits and all the financial benefits life brings when deployed in the Army.

There are pros and cons of all jobs. In most cases, is not license to print money, but hard toil, sweat, immense periods of absence and determination for you and your partner/better half.

Think hard, think about what you can give to the Army, and what it can return to you. Both will benefit positively, but its not always abaout the money.

Good luck in your pursuit.


im not joining for the money... but i need to know if the money will be there from the get go as i have a family to support... anyway it was curiosity more than anything...

heck id do it for 11k a year for 22 years (tell anyone in payroll and ill personally gut you)


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Sera, don't worry about what PC is saying, you'll hear that kind of babble a lot if you join up. Someone who is looking at jobs / do a job where money is NOT the deciding factor, frankly, has too much money. Whilst I will agree PC that there are many other factors to consider when joining the Army, if the money/benefits isn't what you need to sustain your lifestyle, everything else is somewhat of a moot point. I would suggest that dishing out the miiltary sympathy before he has even joined up is probably not the best way to convince him to do so........

With regards to your pay stuff sera. You always incur a pay rise (minimum 2%) on promotion. This being effective the date you get promoted, not the date you are told you have been selected for promotion. So yes, you get the money when you start doing the job.

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