NEED SOME ADVICE - Maj and Cpl caught in the act?

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by blackpool2003, Jul 21, 2003.

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  1. What do you do when you catch your OC (Maj - Female) locked in a shower room with one of your Cpl's (Male), with the lights out, during a piss up in your bar. When confronted she stated that he was having family problems and she was giving him some advice. I bet she was.

    This is the second time they were caught in suspicious circumstances.

    I cannot say where this happened aber es konnte sein dass es Deutschland war und Rheindahlen bei einer Sicherheits Einheit.
  2. would they not let you join in for a bit of 3 way action? 8O
  3. Looks like you had a better corps day than me
  4. Talk to the Techies, get the cameras in place and dine out on the profits or blackmail the boss for a spanking CR (or just a spanking)
  5. you should have walked in, popped out the big fella and said "theres only one way that this isnt going to be the talk of the town"
    Black mail can be a wonderful thing in the right hands.
  6. Are you sure you don't mean the showers in Camp Doha???
  7. a shower is a shower, wish my boss would give me some 'advice'. Shed have to get rid of that tache first though. :oops:
  8. Get them both transferred to the TA then no-one will care. In fact, at one time it seemed to be policy .....
    :lol: :mrgreen: :wink:
  9. The boss woman would make a wonderful theatre nurse, if shed like to pm me ill arrange for her to come to my shower for an interview. :twisted:
  10. You know what to do ... just get on with it. I take it that this OC is the OC of the Cpl? If so its a no brainer...
  11. In my day this sort of thing would never have been tolerated,

    Especially in the Ay Nik theatre club :!:
    :roll: :mrgreen:
  12. True, true, in those days women were where they should be now, in front of the kitchen sink!! Although, saying that. those female squaddies who take part in spit roasts and other summer related cooking activities are more than welcome to be in this modern army.
  13. I think the woman should be congratulated on doing her bit to keep morale up in the Army.

  14. Bow Man is right. She is weak and must be destroyed. Commanding and leading British soldiers is the greatest privilege one can have (even ones with really big foreheads). Interfering with them, and getting them to pleasure you, whilst spouting insipid shite about emotional problems is not written anywhere on your commissioning scroll. How is she meant to maintain the respect of her men and women, and maintain faith that she will treat them all fairly, if she's getting pushed around camp by this Lance Jack in the wheelbarrow position all day, pissing sweat and making stupid porn star noises (I exaggerate for effect).
    Request a confidential interview with the CO via the Adjutant with a written and signed statement, detailing the facts and the facts only, and you'll have done your duty, my son.
    Hooer. Same goes for Male offr who fiddle with ORs, They're for leading, looking after and developing. And occassionally murdering when they're really naughty.
  15. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    I thought you had given up showers for lent TM?
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