Need some advice lads

I have just picked up my Sgt (RLC) after 12 years, came off a "Shadow" board last week. Been back in NI for 16 weeks and now posted to Germany.

A few questions if I may. Pls don't get me wrong I am chuffed with the promotion but wife and kids setteled in job/school etc ( and my wife is from here:( )

1. I was posted here for 2 years, now I'm off to Germay, when I came I signed 12 month contracts with internet company, mobile company etc. Is this just the way the cookie crumbles or is their a hidden claim I don't know about?

2. Need some advice on moving family to Germany as I have never served there. (Bielefeld).

3. I have 2 dogs (King Charles & Jack Russell) what the the current laws about getting them in & out of Germany.

4. erm, my head is a bit mashed up, one minute Cpl settled, next all hell breaks loose....oh another one. I am Mr Vice in about 10 days, are they going to rip the shit out of me? Any advice?

5. Well thats my starter for 10.... Thx
1. Don't know for sure but probably cookie crumbs. Ask them, some businesses are quite lenient on this sort of thing if they know you are a squadie, as they want other squadies to go to them too.

2. Phone the Hive there.

3. You can take them out no dramas, it's getting them back in that's the problem. You will need to get them passports, in which they will need rabies jabs and be confirmed by a vet. This will mean they can't return to UK for 6 months. See here

4. Hopefully that is all they will do. Take it on the chin, it is character building. You have got mess dress I take it.

5. No dramas. PM me for any more info.

Chill out, 10 deep breaths.
Speak to your vet about dog passports - easy peasy
Bielefeld is Ok, could of been Dulmen!!
Your disturbance allowance will cover costs for phone/internet etc but a polite phone call and/or letter will probably do the trick.
Mr Vice...........make sure you can afford a few bottles of Port.

In a couple of months you'll wonder what the fuss was all about.
Hey, well done! Congratulations on the promotion. (No such thing as a Shadow Board, but that's another matter)

Click here for a link to the Gutersloh Garrison website (Bielefeld comes under Gutersloh Garrison)

To answer your questions (in a fairly frank, 0040 on a Sat morning after a bottle of whisky kind of way...)

1. The Army posted you to NI and has now posted you to Germany. They will cover the costs of disturbance but the choice to take out 12 month contracts was yours and you'll have to take the pain. Be reasonable when you deal with these companies and explain that you'll return to them in 3 years (or so) when you return. Make yourself out to be the injured party and they might take pity...

2. Click on the web link above.

3. No idea about dogs. Listen to what chocolate_frog has to say!

4. Everyone (nearly!) gets the Mr Vice treatment. Make sure that your mess kit is 100% (badges, medals etc) and try to find out any pitfalls from the previous Mr Vice. He may give you bullshit or rock all, but it might help.

5. Try to enjoy it. When you are an old and crusty Warrant Officer you will look back on your time as Mr Vice and laugh (unless they strip you off and shave all your body hair). In case you didn't know, Mr Vice means "Vice President of the Mess Committee" as opposed to the PMC who is "President of the Mess Committee".
Cheers Interceptor,

It confused me as well, the board came and went, the sweep up followed...ok maybe next year...Cpl... congrats, you have been selected from a shadow board that sat last week? only 2 of you? shed any light? Did MCM need to fill a few gaps after the sweep & before the next board and thats why I'm short toured despite 2 Sgt post coming up in my place in the next 3 months? Ta.
In simple tems, the board will have graded all available corporals based on their CR books (not just the last CR). They then declare a quality line - anyone below the line WILL NOT get selected for promotion this time around.

The promotion board are then told how many posts have to be filled and they choose the best candidates for the job. These might not be the candidates with the best score - years of service also count.

The board then have to pick a load of reserves. These reserves will be ABOVE the quality line but not the very best quality - the best quality guys have already been selected!

The candidates who are selected for promotion get earmarked to posts - hence you not getting the post in you current unit as someone else may have already been picked to fill it. The reserves then have to wait for a vacancy to appear - a death, retirement, surprise promotion, admin discharge etc. Sometime, reserves are promoted quicker than the offical guys because vacancies pop up.

So there are no actual Shadow Boards, just lists of good quality soldiers who are next in line for promotion. By the way, it is best not to know that you are a reserve because people tend to think that they will get selected for promotion next year and often don't.

Hope that helps!
RE : Internet and phone etc.

If you check your contracts it should say that you can end the services should you move house. You usually have to give around 28 days notice so give them a call but i doubt you will have any problems. Unless your with NTL who will continue to bill you for the services you had and for several you dont have for the next 10 years :lol:


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