Need some advice from someone in the know - joining police!!

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by Cutsy, Jul 20, 2007.

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  1. Hi there,

    Have recently put in an application for the specials but when I was in the regular army I did 28 days nick for a two week period of absence and it is something I've deeply regretted ever since!!

    Can anyone in the know truly advise me as to whether this will bar me from joining - no civilian crime issues - clean as a whistle apart from this!!

    Please help

  2. I don't mean to sound bigoted here, but what is your race / religion / gender? It could have a big influence on your application..

    I had a perfectly clean service record and the Police didn't want to know me when I got out...I didn't even make it past the paper shift, no reason given...

    I'm not thick, I've just finished a law degree, I was still in good shape, I'd done 3 op tours, I would have thought I was ideal for the Police, but no..and I know several other lads who have also been turned down in the last few years, one was told he was too aggressive and he was trying to join the Greater Manchester Force!!! (sorry service)

    I suppose it could be different for different regions ( I applied to Cheshire ), there's plenty of Bobbies on here who will be able to give you a heads up...
  3. My missus attended an initial interview with the police, and they were not in the slightest bit interested in her military background, what did impress them was the fact that she is a senior sea cadet instructor and holds various instructor and leadership qualifications (civilian) and used to working with joe public.
  4. if you were punishd in house and there were no integrity/honesty type issues then you should be ok mate. PM me if you have any more questions. but the first comment on race/gender/religion is a valid point.
  5. Will not make a blind bit of difference, As long as you have no 'Civvie' convictions that are not covered under the 'Rehabilitation of Offenders Act' then it will not be a problem.

    Saying that, being ex-plod, if you are only looking at the Specials then fair shout, if you are looking at going regular after a while I hope you love filling out forms.. That's all front line plod do these days most of the time....

  6. White, male, mid 30's - have passed the PIR Test a couple of days back. It seems that although there are a set of Home Office guidelines with regards recruiting, some forces can confuse applicants with their own force rules. For example, the home office doesn't say you have to leave HM Reserve Forces if you are appointed as a Constable/Special Constable. However, the force I want to join will require my resignation from the T.A before I start the specials training course!!


  7. As an alternative to the Police, or while waiting for applications to go ahead, or to get some civvie experience, what about a job in private security at Canary Wharf in East London? We are responsible for many police functions on this private estate of 90,000 people and the size of a large city centre. Ideally suited to Ptes - Sgts and equivalent. Of course you need to live in or near Londion, or be prepared to move. Highly competitive package above industry standard including pension, private health care, life insurance. Please see "Outside the Wire" forum and should be posted soon on "Troops2Task". Log on to and click on "Recruitment".
  8. You could work at Canary Wharf... If you like stagging on gate for 10.5 hours of a 12 hour shift and not be releived for your breaks on time because of some of the fat knackers not giving a damn.

    A mate of mine worked there for a few years then decided he'd had enough when the new owners took over and many of the security positions went out to (lowest bidder) contract mongs.

    A very political environment I am led to beleive where its all about visual deterrents as opposed to effective security. And you won't get any support from the headsheds when it comes to having issues with resident companies.
  9. You should not be excluded for that conviction, but make sure you declare it as they will check. (You are required to disclose it; I am sure the application will mention something along the lines of 'equivalent jurisdictions' or similar) Just be prepared to explain the circumstances.

    Unless that is, you know for a fact that it is not on your regy conduct sheet, then say bugger all if you feel concerned about it.

    I know of people, in the Police who have had military convictions who have declared them and got in and also those who have kept quiet and got away with it, but until you learn how to lie really well, honesty is the best policy!
  10. Shouldn't be a bar, particularly if it was for a purely military offence of running away, you cowardly little man. Nah, it'll not be held against you. It's actually not an offence which is covered by the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act unless you were sentenced at Courts Martial. Neverthless, you must put it down on the application form as if they find out, it'll sort of blight your character, whereas coughing it up first thing will put you in a better light. You may be asked about it during any recruitment process but I doubt it.
  11. I've tried for the rozzers in the past, twice. First time I managed to get to the home visit interview part of the process, second time I didn't even get past the first interview!

    It was pointed out to me by my father-in-law that I was too 'street smart', something I thought would have been of benefit to a would-be copper.
  12. Your father in law is a kind soul. Imagine disguising 'you're not getting in because you're a tw*t' as 'you're too street smart for them son'.

    Hey, at least it saved your feelings eh?
  13. just reading this..i have applied for the police and have a MOD police caution given in 2002. i did do it, owned up and was given the caution. i have read that it is on my record for five years and have also read that it is removed almost immediately..any advice from ex or current PC's as to the right way. sorry if i have posted this before
  14. Fair point, never really looked at it like that. Tw@t I am then.....