need some adivce on signing up

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by mason1987, Feb 4, 2012.

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  1. ive put my application in got my barb test on 13th febuary. im seriously stuck on which regiment to join its spinning me out doing all the reading lol. i want infantry forgot to mention

    im from nottingham so obviously mercians come up , according to all the videos and army website facilitys, jobs, social aspect look really modern and seem to be good.

    but i seen the rifles they look more like pretend marines but seem to be more focused on being a bit more if that makes sense. but all i keep reading is every one and there dog wants in rifles for some reason :S, so is this true what sorta wait times is there for both if any one no's. and any advice on either or a diferent regiment would be much appricated.
  2. Maybe use one of the stickies or talk to a recruiter.
  3. i have all my recruiters are mercian lol so obviously go mercian, i was asking a few people on here for some advice abit more updated
  4. The Grenadier Guards recruit from around Nottingham and the Paras recruit nationally, I'm not sure about the Rifles but they probably recruit near you as they seem to cover the majority of the country.

    The Rifles seem to be a good regiment, though I've never worked with one of their Bns though I have worked with individual members and members of the Light Infantry and Royal Green Jackets and they were a good bunch of lads if a little slack. I'm not sure where you got the impression that they were "like pretend marines" from, the have 1 Bn (1 Rfiles) which is part of 3 Cdo Bde.
  5. "Pretend Marines"? Weren't we the original Marines? Copenhagen 1801 and all that.
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  6. 2nd April it says here.
  7. what do you mean once you fail? im not in this to fail pal im going to pass everything, my dad was grenedier guard and my brother was33 engineers regiment eod bomb disposibal. and ive been in once before as a ETWE in navy when i was like 18 but being a kidi was immature and left after like 2 years.
    but now im more grown up its time to get back in and do somthing with my life.
    an i didn mean anythng bad by the rifles commet just every rifles post says " if i join rifles can i do my AACC it seems to be apopular one
  8. This should be interesting...
  9. You ask for advice then insult a regiment that has suffered a huge amount of casualties in operations recently, not going to end well for you buddy.
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  10. hows that insulting go to search rifles and you'll see what i mean allpeople seem intresed in is being a green beret but a rifle. not insulting its statistics on this forum
  11. "Pretend Marines" is an insult, they are trained marines and have the right to wear the green beret and serve alongside 3 cdo brigade on operations. They are infatry man trained in a specialist role. Are engineers attached to 16th air assault pretend paratroopers? no. Same goes for the rifles.
  12. all im going off is replys to if i join rifles can i be 1 rifles or do my AACC, and replys say pretend marines, stop bein a fool join the RM if you wana be a marine etc. im going of replys and searching rifles on this forum.
  13. The Rifles and its antecedent regiments, at least the Light Div ones, had a reputation for producing 'thinking Riflemen. I think you'd make a great Para/Marine.
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  14. Right, I'm going to give Mason1987 the benefit of the doubt, he's come here asking for information on Infantry regiments, leaving aside his poor spelling, grammar and a possibly badly worded post this is a serious thread and a request for information if you're not going to offer advice then I suggest you stay in the NAAFI.
  15. thanks im down to 2 choices rifles or mercian any one in either give me some heads up on them please