Need opinions on a couple of Rucksacks

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by ShadowNeo, Jul 23, 2004.

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  1. Hey guys,

    I am currently looking for a new Medium Sized Rucksack/Bergen, and I am faced with the current choices:

    Forces 100 Series - Im not sure of the quality of Fabric and build of this one.

    Arktis Loadout - Doesn't seem to be made as much for long distance tabs, It seems to be a pretty big pack but lacks back padding, waist strap, looks more for moving gear between bases etc.

    NI Patrol Rucksack - Looks to be the best bet to me so far.

    Snugpack Rocket Pack - Seems to be popular, also a good looking pack.

    If anyone could offer any opinions or advice, I'd greatly appreciate it,

    Cheers :)
  2. Go for the Patrol pack. It's capacity is surprising considering its apparent size, it has excellent waterproofing, and the pockets in the lid are very handy. Comfortable straps and very robust.
  3. I'll second that, given your list of choices. The patrol pack is excellent.

    I bought a military style camelbak backpack. Its extremely robust with good quality webbing and double stitching. It has a pocket for a small radio (a 349 would fit) with a velcro down hole for the antenna. It has 3 separate sections and a large capacity, as well as a removeable integrated 3 litre bladder. One of the best 60 quids i've spent (tax free from the PX).

  4. NI Patrol Pack any day. It's a very solid rucksack, pretty waterproof and very popular with Paras and Marines. It also sits nice and high above your webbing, because it was designed that way. an unprecedented success for DERA, then 8)
  5. msr

    msr LE

  6. What a rip off that place is, £55 for a set of ammo pouches!! Even more scarey is that people will pay that!

    If you want one of those packs, get a NI one off of flea bay then get a set of zips sewn on at Troopers/JayJays/HM Supplies etc. Still cheaper than buying from Silverman's or Du Bora plus you have the flexibility of being able to use the side pockets if you're carrying less.
  7. The Snugpack Rocket Pack is a great bit of kit. It comes with its own rocket pouches but will take the issued ones too. It also has two built in rain covers, one in dpm and one in desert so it's pretty much a suits all solution.

    The straps are comfy, including a good sized padded belt and at 70 liters (with the rocket pouches fitted) it also double as a mini bergan.
  8. I agree with OC and others. The issued patrol sack is an excellent bit of kit, very tough and quite spacious. Some blokes do get them modded so that they can attach the PLCE side pouches, but all in all it is a good bit of kit.
  9. I've got a snugpak stamina. I'm quite impressed over the old HM Supplies day sack I bought several years ago and has only just fallen apart. Features are:

    1. 40 Lt capacity
    2. Internal Pouch for bladder with closeable hole for drinking tube.
    3. Internal and external zipped lid pockets
    4. 2 External elasticated pockets
    5. DPM and sand coloured covers in a zipped pocket on the bottom

    And it's less than £40 - more here
  10. Got a roket pack well built filled it with link and it didn't break unlike me who had to carry it :oops: .been dragged from one end of longmoor
    village to the other . Dpm cover damaged rest of pack fine .
  11. could someone clarify for me:-

    Is the NI Patrol Pack the same as Patrol Pack

    Do the have the same NSN ?
  12. Yes it is Think it was orginally issused for northern Ireland hence the name .Much wanted bit of kit so at one point starred item to prevent it going diffy .Why it isnt issused to every infantry soldier I dont know.
  13. Costs, woodswede.

    131 Commando Engineers get them issued, the dancers.
  14. Thirded...