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Need Opinion Please

Hi all,

Im abit paraniod about my running pace and times, (Think thats how you spell paraniod).

Ive just ran 3 miles at a very steady pace, and it has taken me 29 minutes, i didn't sprint or step up the pace just a nice gentle jog and went up hills(Very BIG and steep hills).

I didn't once get out of breathe or even any aches or pains, Does this mean im now fit, becuase i didn't get breathless, or was it becuase i ran to slow?
Ten min miles and not out of breath,- no you are not fit. I'm 50 and can do it in 23.
Or did I just bite here?

PS PARANOID, and because, and too, and I've, and I'm, and I.
(yes I'm an English teacher).

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