Need New Trainers

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Blacksmith, Aug 6, 2007.

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  1. i am in need of a new pair of trainers. I usualy just buy asics or suacony but i feel that i need to get some that are right for me.

    I am overweight and tend to wear the outside of the trainer first. I do alot of running so they need to be fairly robust.

    Has anybody got any suggestions of a good trainer?.
  2. Mate sounds like you need a pair called ''Brooks Beast'' for bigger lads.Loads of support.
  3. Get yourself down to the Sweatshop. It's a good running shop with staff that actually know what they are talking about and they can even scan your foot and work out the best trainer for your running style.
  4. thee old clichey mate get yourself down to your local runnin/sports shop theyl check your feet and running style ie: flat footed, ect.... but myself i agree wid the last post
  5. Ah the old school plimsole, I'd wager that they are better than silver shads!!
  6. MDN

    Thanks for the pic I already have a pair courtasy of the 'Man at Q&M' but the trade off of a lightweight shoe against cushioning and support is not really that good. :D
  7. stick a nike tick on them mate they'l sell like mad
  8. Fuck me MDM I've actually had several pairs of those, was back in the 80's though lol!
  9. Try the store locator at to see if there's one near you.

    The footscan is free and Sweatshop do a 10% Squaddie discount on production of ID card :D

    Failing that Google footscan and see if you can get one nearer.

    P.S. MDN, you brought back bad memories :eek:
  10. We used to wear those old school plimsoles for school PE. Boy were they stlyish!

  11. MDN, you have just brought back painful memories from my past that I thought had been banished from my mind thanks to thousands of pounds worth of counseling.

    My old headmaster from boarding school used to make me wear plimsolls and only plimsolls whilst he shafted me in his office every Sunday after church.
  12. My eyes light up as im going to sweatshop tomorrow. Wonder if i can drag my sister along and use her discount.
  13. I wore those plimsoles, csnt remember what they feel like though.