Need mapping help

I'm having difficulty converting the coordinates of a WW2 radar installation to modern-day WGS84 (GPS) coordinates. The difficulty arises from the fact that New Zealand changed the reference datum in 1949 and again in 2000. The coordinates I have date from the period during WW2. The only indicators are a reference that states that the radar site was 1/2 mile west of the battery (227881.2 E, 671748.1 N). As to the unit of measure for Easting and Northing, I suspect it may be yards. So far, I have been unsuccessful in translating the coordinates.

Coordinates for No. 1 gun of the battery are given as 187yd E, 14784yd N. I have tried using differential referencing, but that places me somewhere out to sea. I suspect two different maps were used in placing the coordinates of both locations. Any help you guys can give me would be greatly appreciated.

WGS84 for No 1 gun is 36 45' 22" S 174 45' 59" E.
If you can physically get there that's a start. Failing that try local/military museums for contemporary mapping which can be used to correlate the positions to modern mapping.

Also photos, if available can help. Use geological features to help line up the sites.

Finally try contacting 'After the battle' a British published mag that does this sort of back tracking as its' bread and butter, they could offer a few pointers. Hope this helps.

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