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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by byrnezie, Mar 12, 2008.

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  1. Hi lads first post,
    Im 15yrs 7 months old.I am living in the south of ireland.I was talking to one of the recruters in portadown who sent me down a pack with an aplication form etc.
    I am going up for the BARBs next tuesday,is there any advice ye can give me for my first visit such as cloths,hair,what questions will be asked basicly everyting.and what follows i need details please.

    Cheers lads
  2. Dress smartly be polite and buy the guy a pint of Guinness (gods drink) And youll be well in!

    ps if you need any info just pm me ok!
  3. Well, getting a good night's sleep will always stand you in good stead - ffs it's gone 2.00 a.m., why aren't you in bed on a school night, Easter hols already?

    Go through the back threads in the joining up forum, most advice is in there, and you won't have to put up with gobshoites like me yanking your chain - GOOD LUCK! :lol:
  4. Gob shite but fair enough youre still at scholl GET TO BED on the double!! eft right eft right!!
  5. Don't listen to Kurt, he's a tool.First off, dress smartlyand be polite, and RESPECTFUL. This certainly precludes presuming to offer your betters an alcoholic drink. Shutcher hole, Ruby.
    Also, why fight for the hated Brits, anyways.I hear RIRA and Cira are offering a free pound of Semtex upon enlistment. Makes a great belt!
  6. Cheers bud ,but me being 15 i doubt it would be good buying the recruter a pint :D .
  7. Im finished school for all of those smart arses.I started school a year earlyer then most people.What should i bring with me for the barbs,except whats stated anything unoffical that might help.
  8. YES SIR!!!!!!! Sorry Sir!
  9. A Tricolor, biography of Wolfe Tone, a starter pistol and a balaclava.
  10. Just because im irish you have to Sh*t on about the past for god sake grow up.Its a time when people are killing eachother for no resions so how about this flagrantviolator have you got red coat,15 ponder gun and a line of women and children lined up ready to be shot for no resion.

    THanks for the advise though
  11. Uh oh - youve really pissed him off flag!
  12. haha cheers for the info lads.
    Why am i going in to the british army.
    1)I get over things
    2)its your government who'll be paying for my training hopfully which is te best in the world the irish army have glorifided tractors with .303s straped on.
  13. Just saying that i havent had a pop at the irish Although i do enjoy Guinness - Drink off the gods. :lol:
  14. What should i expect after the barbs??
  15. bum sex....and alot of it....