Need Info please

Sorry if this has been posted elsewhere.

Hi im Gary, 18 Years old.

My friend and I are joining the Army (2nd Royal Irish) in 9 months time.

I don't know much about the "In's and Outs" of army training, for example duration of training, location of training ect. I keep hearing different things from all sorts of people. Can anyone please help me confirm what actually happens?

Sorry if i sound like a **** but i am more or less a noob at the minuite.

Also what happens if me and my mate sign up together, will we really go through training together ?

Many thanks Guys !
You might. lol who knows. As to details of training etc......The army jobs website has descriptive entries for each trade\job. Cmbt Inf (which i assume you are going for as u put RIrish) is there and it explains the duration of basic training
Thanks for the link smiler, i trolled through the army site before....but not the Royal Irish, I'll have a look :D
is it regular or TA your looking at fella as i think 2nd R IRISH is TA,
1 royal irish is one of my career choices to
Im not too sure yet wether to go regular or TA, i saw the 26 week training today and nearly **** haha

Who knows i may go regular...But RIR for sure !
hang on a minute, so youre joining but you dont know what your joining?

Whilst there are similarities between the TA and regs, they are miles apart in some areas, training being one of them. A weekend or two week camp is a hell of a lot different from regular army life. I think you need to make a decision on your career path, take advice, go see the careers geezer and take it all on board before jumping in.
yes, you need to put a bit more thought into what you actually want to do as hammy mentioned.
how do you know your going in 9 months, if you don't know if your going reg or TA??
Mate fill your boots go 1 Royal Irish, I served in the Battalion for a number of years. Loads of operation with 16 Air Assault, travel the world its the way forward..... :D

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