need info on what to expect.


ok so if i join the REME as a tech... what kind of thing can i expect... now i know (and expect from arrse) a certain level of "blah blah blah, i hate my job its rubbish" and a few "bloody techs, promotions on time not fair blah blah blah" and i dont mind those

but what i want to know is a more specific level of what to expect in daily life as a tech...

so if some of you REME tech's could give a few examples being as specific as you can (like more specific than "fixed shit" however "fixed a few land rovers, went to xyz and fixed an abc" is great)

i wanna get a feel for the job without going on a (probably rose tinted) insight thing.

i deffo want to join, just want to make sure im not gonna regret my trade choice.
Fcuck sake, you dont want much fella do you?

Every job is different, every day is different. If you want to be a tech in the REME then get on with it, if you dont then ta ti by by.


Look at the post in the stickies section at the top of the REME forum. You should find all of your answers in there.

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Errm, before I went to bed and maybe had a few too many Magners!

Stand by it (churlishly) though, he just came across as being a know all to me. That being said prob was a bit of an internet hardman!


ok lol i get it... ok heres a more simpler way of putting it... ill tell you what i roughly think ill be doing... you tell me if im right, close or way off...

finding out if/why things are broken, fixing them...

is that roughly it?

and as to posting to an active combat zone... roughly whereabouts would i be... frontline i.e. dodging bullets... middle i.e. at the forward bases but away from the majority of small arms fire... or back... in some workshop way away from conflict (i want frontline dammit!)


Pretty much on the nail with the job description, also there is a fair bit of planned maintenance, annual inspections of equipment etc.

As for location on Ops, you could be anywhere from dodging bullets (escorting convoys) to dodging rockets (in a camp, fixing stuff in Afghanistan) to way back in UK/Germany, fixing kit before it goes overseas.

The one thing that is guaranteed is that you will do something different almost every day.

You will also grow out of wanting to be on the front line....
0730 PT(could be earlier or end of day after knock off depends on unit and how busy you are)
0900 At Work
1000 Naafi Break (maybe!)
1030 At Work
1230 Lunch (length variable)
1330 At Work
1500 Naafi Break(Maybe!)
1530 At Work
1700 Knock Off (extremely variable!)

That was timings for an average unit not on Ops. Work as a tech entails inpection/repair of the equipment you are responsible for, As a brand new class3/2 Tech you will very rarely work unsupervised and will be directed by your trade boss - however on exercise you will be expected to show more mettle as you may not be in the same vehicle as your trade boss and our job is to keep the wagon in the 'battle'.

Expect to sweep the floors, make the brews, get the piss ripped out of you for being a tech spanker! oh and plenty of gaurd duties and dickings such as running the section tea swindle or organising section nights out.

Your first 6-12 months will fly buy as you learn your job, the next 12 months is when you re relatively competent and comfortable in your job and the last 12 months is when your feet start itching and you re thinking of a new posting.

Most importantly keep your mouth shut until you understand who s who and whats what - treat the unit personnel well and they ll adopt you and look after you in return. Try not to listen to people who tell you such and such a unit is crap - decide for yourself as personnel constantly change ******* come and go and units previously described as crap can become excellent.

good luck!


thanks nige and headgear... both ideal answers for what i was asking... a bit heavy on the breaks headgear but i guess im just a workoholic whose used to 14 hours in a steaming hot kitchen with nothing but a p!$$ break for lunch

and as for sweeping/making the brew (nato standard tea- milk + 2 sugars, theres a nato standard everything else lol...) im a chef... i started at the bottom doing exactly as above... all the while being pranked and having the p!$$ ripped out of me... im cool with it

oh and people talking crap about things... well thats their opinion... i guess sometimes ill agree sometimes ill disagree... but just because someone said something doesnt make it true...


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Being a Technician has changed my life. I am now charged with such responsibilities as sweeping, emptying bins and the ever-important task of handing "real" tradesmen their tools.

All jokes aside, it does vary massively. I can only assume it all depends primarily on which unit you get posted to, but even after that there's a whole plethora of variables.

It mostly depends on how busy the unit is. However, the Army is NOT all about trade by any means. That's something it took a while for me to get my head around. There will be weeks where I won't touch my toolbox once, but by no means am I not working. There's always events to organise, duties to perform, things to be fetched, signatures to be acquired and arses that require licking.

It's a good trade, and I doubt you'd regret opting to follow it. Obviously, with time-served comes more responsibility, and in every job the new lads get more than their fair share of stick. Expect it, but also expect a tape and a higher pay band. Regardless of what might be said, you've earned it.
Earned it? I disagree, we all work our bollocks off, techs don't do anymore than the blackhand trades.


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I stand corrected.
I'm not going to let this drift into an argument.

So, whether you have earned it or not, you will most likely have a tape and extra pay. Make of it what you will.