Need info on Sound Moderators

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by Jungelism, Apr 6, 2013.

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  1. Sound Moderators - I need an education from one of our resident gravel belly's please!

    I've got a Section 1 firearms as well as shotgun cert and have a .22 rimfire and .243 on my flick, both are equipped with sound moderators. I understand the basics about sound moderation, and use the .22 with subsonic ammo so it is pretty quiet, you can only hear the bolt going forward and a bit of a 'whuz' as the round leaves. Obviously the .243 (with supersonic rounds) has a crack to it, but sounds like a canon without the moderator.


    1. If I were to get a semi auto .22 and equip that with a moderator are the subsonics likely to not have the power to blow the bolt back to collect the next round?

    2. How much more carbon fouling is there with semi-auto moderators (I've heard the Colt M4s the Yanks use suffer when a moderator is equipped)?

    3. Legally, as my old man and I share gun safes I'd have to add anything I buy to his flick too?

    Also, I'm currently in love with a Remington 700 SPS .308 but obviously don't have £2,500 to spend on it. Having window-shopped around and not found any, can you get subsonic .308 ammunition without having to self-load/spend a fortune on it? Is it deer legal?

    Many thanks in advance.
  2. The chances are that there is plenty of recoil energy to cycle a well-maintained semi-auto .22LR. Rugers, CZs, and Browning semis are usually fine. As ever, you may have some ammunition issues (not all semis like all .22lr ammunition) but you can usually sort it out in an afternoon.

    Carbon fouling is not a huge issue, but there will also be some bullet coating residue that will need occasionally cleaning out. People have been known to drop a moderator in diesel and leave it to dissolve everything out and then blow them out with an air line. Sako moderators are easy to strip and brush off and if you do it regularly enough there should be no problems maintaining your kit.

    Yes, although I think you can also get a condition written on both your tickets to allow you both to mutually share whatever the other has. Not sure though- Ugly will know more probably.
    You won't render a subsonic .308 round deer legal. Sako used to sell subsonic rounds, but barrel length and all sorts of things make it nigh on impossible to reliably make factory subsonic centre-fire ammunition function safely in all chambers and barrels.
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  3. Porridge_gun

    Porridge_gun LE Good Egg (charities)

    Don't listen to Oooh matron, drop Traztaz a PM
  4. Used to have a moderated 10/22 that cycled subs no problem, it liked Winchesters the best.

    On the centrefire, I've given up carrying the moderator for my 6.5x55, great lump of crap unbalancing my rifle, just more weight to cart about IMO.
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  5. How the very dare you. He's the 'go to guy' for issues relating to physically abusing one's life partner and not for firearms related questions. I have it on good authority that he knows very little, if anything, about firearms.
  6. I agree, they are a pain to lug about and make shooting from any position other than supported difficult. I was out around the cages on Friday with the 6,5x55 and I have to say using the mod made a huge difference, especially to those who were working nearby. Having said that all shots taken were off a bipod.

    Off thread I know, but every time I take the 6,5x55 out I am more and more impressed. Its a bit of a death laser, even way out.
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  7. I have a Remington 700 SPS Varmint in .308 but it cost nowhere near £2,500 even with scope, bipod, moderator and replacement stock. Basic rifle is about £800 new. As regards making the ammo subsonic, it probably can't be done easily, so if you use a moderator, I have an ASE UTRA one, it will mute the crack quite effectively and still be deer legal.
  8. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Answers in bold!
    Good luck, as others may know, I'm not a massive fan of moderators for deer but they have a place and can be a great tool!
  9. Thanks all for the responses! Our .243 is a beast with the mod but has a bipod fitted. The Remington 700 is a ridiculous bit of kit, you can view it here Remington 700 SPS .308 Rifle for sale | GunStar.

    Are there any good tools you can suggest for cleaning the current .22 and .243 moderators that we have aside from the diesel/air line method?

  10. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    SPS is a ridiculously and unneccesary heavy piece of kit!
    Still it can be made really accurate which honestly for a deer rifle? That said strip the mods if you can and brush the carbon off.
  11. M4's are dirty grotty gats because they rel on direct gas pressure to move the working parts back and not a piston - this method is called direct gas impingement. The septic speshul ones use the HK416 that looks like an M4 but was developed to have a piston operated recoil system to eliminate the malfunctions caused bynthe carbon build up of the direct gas system.

    Most septics that use silencers on M4 type weapons are probably using the HK weapon, I have yet to meet a normal septic infantry type who has cuddled a sound moderator. I have attended a Surefire demo and listened to their sales team tell me all about THEIRS, THEM, THE OTHERS and even SOME MORE who use Surefire moderators.

    At the same sales demo I blatted off a couple of mag fulls through the HK416 fitted with a Surefire Mod - nice. Around 100 other people also blatted off at leas one mag full if not two and at the end of the day all the bloke did was soak it in something that smelled like paint brush cleaner.
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  12. The mod on that £2,500 700 is the same as mine. Brilliant rifle the 700, they're all different, from evil-looking black tools of Satan like mine to nice and cuddly wooden-stocked ones. Back to the moderator, User Manual says to squirt some WD40 in it to clean, shake it about and that's it. There's a Youtube video of some Finnish soldiers shooting a belt-fed machine gun with one fitted and it glows red hot. 10 rounds through mine and it's toasty enough to get the feeling back in my fingers after freezing my bollocks off lying in a puddle on Century.
  13. Questions:

    1. If I were to get a semi auto .22 and equip that with a moderator are the subsonics likely to not have the power to blow the bolt back to collect the next round? I use Winchester Super X sub-sonic in the 10/22 on the bunnies, because they group at about .8" at 50 yds, but about 1 in 20 doesn't cycle the semi auto properly. I put up with it because they are so accurate in the gun though.

    2. How much more carbon fouling is there with semi-auto moderators (I've heard the Colt M4s the Yanks use suffer when a moderator is equipped)? I take the mod off after every couple of outings and give it a good tap to shake the powder out. That's all it seems to need.
  14. Mate of mine has a moderator that look like it should be said great lump of crap unbalancing his rifle but no:

    Titanium Sound Moderators for the Discerning | Lawrence Precision
  15. For general info have a read here:

    SilencerTalk • Index page

    Any questions on moderators, their use, construction, cleaning and care just join the forum and ask. Most of the big name suppressor/moderator makers have staff who are members on the forum, if you ask a sensible technical question you will get a sensible answer, honest.
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