need info on new unit i am posted to

i am posted to 34 fd hosp, york soon
i am trying to find out as much as poss about the unit. good points, bad points. tips etc.
i cant find out much by word of mouth as i am detached to batus until sept so any input good or bad is greatly appreciated.
i am a lcpl radio operator in the rlc.
i am due to get married in june 07 so any info would be a good thing
sharkie said:
i am due to get married in june 07 so any info would be a good thing
Well, marriage is a legal and celestial binding of 2 souls, sharing everything in sickness and in health, for richer or poorer. My advice to you is don't do it.

If I can be of any further help, just ask.
Mountain_Boy said:
I can give you only one tip mate..............

...........Learn to use your fingers to type rather than your forhead, and york is York!
I'd be very careful before YOU start criticising other people's posts for their grammatical structure and spelling. Some of your posts are far from perfect.

Post something useful or fcuk off somewhere else.
cheers sky monkey .
@mountain boy my computer is recovering after a liquid spill incident so the keys dont always respond correctly
@touch it cheers but i am marrying the mother of my two kids after many great years together, am getting married so the army ill reconise it and let me live my life with the person i love

i am still no closer in finding out about my new regiment
Was posted out in telic with them. Good bunch of people. Can be a bit **** sometimes but just the usual army shite. Accommodation not too bad either from what i saw when i was there and York is an alright City. Sorry can't help with the marriage thing but i do know that many did choose to live out. Hope this helps. Good luck with the wedding.
the quarters are next to the Bks and there is a garage, shop, pub and chinese take-a-way across the road (thats all there is though).

Only been there on predeployment training but the pads look Ok and Im told that they are alright.
Pub across the road is the six bells with the worst beer you will ever taste, but its cheep and a 3 minute walk so everyone uses it. In fact your MQ patch is even closer to the pub, chinese is inbetween pub and home....

With current Op Tempo, expect a deployment during your posting, if your really unlucky you might get blessed with 2.....

You will be part of a small Rad Det which is probably based out of MT. You will get jiffed as a driver in assisting both AMSTC and HQ 2 Med Bde who dont have their own MT and will be asking lots of "favours" from your MT Sgt

There is a playschool/creche just next to the camp as well in case your wife works.

York is a fantastic city especially for a family and has easy access to the A1, M1 and M62 for travelling around. dont expect to get anywhere around York and its ring roads around rush hour...Its a static nightmare. Lots of supermarkets and shopping centres in easy reach as well. Encourage your wife to get a driving licence if she doesnt have one. public transport is OK in terms of buses and very good rail links from York. But if your wife needs to travel and your deployed she will find life can be difficult in getting around.

Mixed bag of people there at the moment but you will get to know them and make your own opinion, Adjt is definately better looking than the last one, but your about to get married so that wont affect you.

good luck with the posting and all the best for your marriage.
cheers azrael2006 that was a good bit of info. if you have any more or no of any one who is currently posted there could you pm me more details
Spent 2 years as an attached arm there in 2000 till 2002
PM me if you want any imfo about qtrs area and being attached
yeah could you plz pm me about the gtrs married and single, and any more relevant infomation
sharkie said:
my computer is recovering after a liquid spill incident
mine often falls victim to some of that, but 'jiz' is easily removed with wet wipes. have you been polishing your rocket whilst logging into '' when your mrs has gone to bed early?
my phys is good thanks as i have been in 7 tpt regt for 3 years were we have the "ridges" with in easy reach and our last co was a tri athlete. so my phys is good thanks .

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