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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by soulhunter100, Dec 18, 2008.

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  1. 1098 has been received and credited against Gross

    as this now show on my pay

    Basic Pay 2371.54

    GPD Non Taxable Adjustment -1098.00

    HDT Automatic 11.16

    Basic Pay Arrears 2.37

    GPD Non Taxable Repayment 1098.00

    as the gdp is was payes back in may by cheque as has been taken from my account as my bank has told me and i can see on line as well

    phones jpac and was told the dont know why it is on there and it has been sent to some other lot to look in to it and what i dont wont is it to start coming of me as it has already been payed some 6 months ago

    so what should i do
  2. Break your post down into english with a full backstory of payments and or deductions. I can't work out if you're asking what the debt is for, whether you've already paid it, or whether you think it's for a cheque.
  3. Ok here is the start
    I was owed 7 days lsa from being on tour so my amin lot put it on JPA
    for some reason this did not work and they took of me 67 day totalling 1098.92 which they then give me back with the 7 the sum of 1300 give or take so I then had a GDP for 1098.92.
    So I paid it by cheque which I had put the wrong amount on the cheque I had put on 1098 and forgot the 92 pence of so I thought they would send it back but on checking my bank account they had took it. Then on my next pay statement they took of the 92 pence so I thought that was it until this month when my statement shows this which it shows above

    Is it telling me I owe it or just that it has been paid or what?
    Bring back the old pay statements
  4. I have answered this in part on ArmyNET too. The way this appears is the normal way of JPA warning you that the money is going to be taken next month. Be aware, even if you did owe the money, they shouldn't be taking that big a slice of your pay in one go without your agreement anyway. As it seems you have paid, take all the paperwork straight to your unit HR and show them, get then to straighten JPA and JPAC out for you.

    One other thought, reading your most recent post. You say they owed you 7 days but somehow took 67 away (1098.92), then paid you back 67 + 7 (1300). By my reckoning that's "all square" and you never actually had a GDP - the only person who ever owed anything was them!

    Bottom line - get yourself down to your HR sharpish!
  5. thats right but got a call to day and they have said that i dont owe them they were just leting me know that they have cashed the cheque some 6 month back thats why it was on my pay statemant but thank for your help
  6. Hi, just wondering if this is the right place to ask for help. I was discharged in April after 22 yrs and am still waiting for my "red book" "108" or what ever it is called now. I have been in touch with my unit and have been told they have ran out of 108's, no longer used, your clerk is on leave, posted, your company is in Canada.
    Luckily I have a job, but am wishing to leave this one and could do with the reference.

    Any help greatly accepted.
  7. Misconception that its Clerks job me old son.

    You should be contacting your 1st RO who wrote your last CR prior to discharge. They are the ones who are at fault. The clerk just pokes the offr and says 'this guy is getting discharged so the least you can do is write him a reference.' Typical shiote officer admin as per the norm me thinks.
  8. Many thanks for the reply, the skiing season was about to start so that does all make sense.
  9. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    Its in Jans Soldiers mag that the 108 is no longer issued

    No Red Book Link A Dink

    Seeing red over book deal

    AS a soldier who has completed 26 years’ colour service, four of which are on the Long Serving List, imagine how I feel to be told that I will not be issued a Red Book (AFB 108) for my blemish-free career.

    Instead I will receive an A4-sheet of printer paper produced by my unit admin office and embellished with a unit stamp.
    What will any future employer think when I produce this as documentary evidence of my time in the Army?

    I’ve seen a lot of changes over the past 26 years but this is disgraceful. Is the MoD so cash-strapped that it has to cut costs to this extent or is it because it thinks so little of the time and effort invested by today’s soldiers? – WO2 M Crowther.

    Maj Matthew Maynard, APC, responds: Red Books have not been issued since 2007, phased out in readiness for JPA, and in fairness we should not be overly nostalgic for their presentational advantages – they were only red plastic folders, nothing more.
    Today’s Forces leavers receive three stages of documentation, which are driven by JPA processes.
    The first is a Letter of Conduct that replaces the old 108 testimonial. It is no longer issued on a blue form, but should be given to the individual on unit headed paper and signed by the CO. The format is similar to the 108, and the letter should describe the theatres the soldier served in, their qualifications, skills and personality (specifying their applicability to civilian employment) and a comment on their employability.
    If this does not seem to be forthcoming, an individual should chase their unit admin staff to produce it – once they have been discharged it becomes increasingly difficult to produce.
    The second stage is a leavers pack generated by the Service Personnel and Veterans Agency, which should arrive with the individual about six months prior to their departure. This includes practical information on medical, terminal leave, travel, resettlement, the discharge process, jobs and housing, access to the Reserves and pay and pensions.
    Finally, individuals should receive a record of service just before their discharge. This is a comprehensive (although admittedly functional) set of documents that detail a soldier’s career, promotion history and military qualifications and competences.
    A combination of all or any of the documents mentioned should be more than adequate as a reference.
    Presentational discharge or retirement certificates have traditionally been the preserve of individual regiments.
  10. Well I thought my red plastic book was crap, but it sounds as if it beats the rubbish currently being issued by a mile.
  11. Thanks again to the answer. Now that I am not serving my local WH Smiths get a bit annoyed when I pop in to read the latest Soldier Mag, so I don't even get anything to hang on the bathroom wall to show the mother in law I am not useless. I shall try this path to getting something. I did receive all the other paper work, makes good reading, I did not realise I had spent that much time away from the family.