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  1. I recently had, shall we say encounters of the French kind with a lady of questionable repute. Not a "pro" so to speak, but a bit of a slapper.Wondering what penile discharge from gonnorhea looks like. As in colour. Is it clear? I WILL get tested,but need to know first whether it's all in my head, as I've been very aroused lately and it might just be "pre-cum" Not joking, please help.
  2. If it was Gonnorhea, you'd have a purulant discharge, green or yellow, copious amounts, it would hurt like hell to wee and it would stink! Chlamydia on the other hand can give you a clear discharge and could be the culprit!!

    Advice: go to GU-Med ASAP!!!
  3. Cow

    Cow LE

    Have you tried tasting it?
  4. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Where's Pox Dr when you need him?

    Good advice from a veteran of Chlamydia, Dui-Lai, a man who cant let go!
  5. is the discharge milky or off whiteish or has a bit of a whiff to it? If there's any pain, like in your nuts or around your foreskin then there's a good chance. Get it checked either way, its no drama, hello sir, piss in this please, give a bit of blood and take a couple of pills.

    dont go to a dr tho, get to a gum clinic or something, keeps it off the medical record.

    Of course, if you followed the word of our lord and abstained from all "defilements of the flesh" this would never have happened, flagrant. Jesus loves you, flagrant. Do you love him? do you?
  6. Thanks all.I was quite distressed at the time, and appreciated your sage advice and candid demeanour. Turns out I'm NOT bepoxed after all.It wa all psychological, in a manner of speaking. You see, my wife and I are divorcing(through no fault of mine, I might add). This unfortunate circumstance led to my, erm, encounter.As emotions run high at times like these, my wife has been crying alot, which in turn, means I've had an almost perpetual purple-rager on. So the effluent was merely "pre-c.um" due to all the hot(so hot) and salty (sssoooo salllteee) tears. Thanks again, and I hope this eases your concerns regarding my genital well-being. Yours, Flagrantviolator
  7. Best pop down to the GUM Clinic asap.
    They'll probably ask you about contact tracing, i.e all the gals you have had intercourse with since.

    The Gals can contract Pelvic Inflammatory Disease.

    Check here:

    Good luck
  8. FGV,

    doubt you got any results back that quickly if indeed you have been checked. I would however go see a Pyschologist as you appear to get very aroused from the fact that you make your wife cry...

    unless of course you are just winding us up with a huge WAAHH which many have fallen for...
  9. Cow

    Cow LE

    See, I told you to taste it....
  10. No tests back yet, just a massive dose of cipro and a "we'll call you"