Need Help

Can anyone tell me where I can buy a aussie slouch style hat in the Glasgow area or even rent one ?
I have a aussie style fancy dress thing next week and was thinking of going as a digger, but no doubt most people there wouldn't get the reference.

Cheers in advance

Mods if this is in wrong section , work your magic please!


Buy a crate of fosters and walk in with a dead backpacker over your shoulder!
Could you get more authentic than that? :D


War Hero
Or grow a mullet, paint your face blue and shout FFFFREEEEEDOOOMMM!!! every couple of minutes.

Oh, sorry, you're in Glasgow - standard behaviour :)


Jump up and down a lot and pretend to be a kangaroo.....
The humourless gits vetoed my idea of the stingray idea flash, dunno why I thought it was a great tribute to a sea animal.
And knowing the alkies that work there the fosters would have been "consficated" before I even get a chance to drink any.

I might just "borrow" someones rugrat and just run round the office with the whining thing in my teeth and go as a dingo

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