need help


All you need is something like this which can be picked up somewhere like PC World if you like that sort of thing.

Plug it into your laptop, install the software that comes with the adaptor then pick the right hotspot when you're connecting. Should work . . .
1st question do you have wireless software on your computer? if so you need a wireless router bt do the homehub which is excellent, and free with their package

2nd question do you see dead people?


Jus get a router and reciever. The router costs about £70 and the reciever as little as £20 :wink:
Chaps I think PK had it of those usb gadgets wot plugs in the back is I think what you're looking for...either way, go into Pc World or others and enquire...they know their stuff!

i never doubted pk, simply asked if his pc had wireless capabilities already why buy a reciever when you have a built in one, most new computers do. also why pay 70/80 bucks for a router when bt give you a free one.

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