Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by FredWest, Jan 23, 2006.

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  1. Need help finding a Baby Soldier!!

    In a nutshell, in the Club I work at as a Doorman on a weekend was hit with a CS Pellet at closing time on Saturday Night.

    The guy wasn't caught, but described down to a 'T', ID'd as a Baby Soldier, possibly in a North Yorks Trg establishment.

    More info available upon request.


    Just to add, got a first name.
  2. Surely this is a matter that you should take up with the police? They have far more chance of tracking him down and any punishment will be done through the Courts.
  3. mmmm shouldnt be too hard to find, loads of info to go on, 'a baby soldier, possibly in a North Yorks Training Establishment', did he have short hair? Cant be that many of them around :roll:

    jesus what a bone query/description/thread.
  4. The club was subjected to a CS gas attack?or did the rascal bounce it off your head?
  5. Well this is not what I expected. As opposed to getting the Police involved, I have more info on the little chap, but obviously PERSEC etc.

    The guys who own the Club want to throw him to the Dogs, litterally, but I'd rather find someone to have a word in his shell like.

    I'd rather that than him be faced with the Civvy Coppers.
  6. Obviously you've got a mis-conception of Doorstaff!!!

    Have a bad experience once, did we??
  7. Bit defensive arent we Fred? he was merely asking whether the attack was against the club or the 'doormen' stood at the entrance to the club?

    how can anyone have a bad experience of the wonderfully trained, well regulated and professional doormen of today, they never seem to have any bad press! (usually there are no survivors or CCTV evidence of any alleged attacks as the doormen seem to kill the drunken staggering party goers as they leave the club, 'he gave me a look and I felt threatened by his 4ft 3inch weighing in at 9 stone presence your honour') (err allegedly)
  8. Apologies for the defensiveness.

    I get annoyed with the portrayal of Doormen at times. I know there are t0ssers out there on the doors, as we all know there are t0ssers in every walk of life. I like to think that I, and the guys that I work with do a good job, for both the Customers and the Club.

    The CS was directed at the Club as opposed to the Doorstaff. To cut a long story short, from what I gather, he put the Pellet in an Ashtray, lit it and walked away. the place where he did it, the CCTV doesn't reach.

    The kid's a regular, and will probably be in next Saturday Night, but if he does come in he's gonna get torn a new @rsehole.
  9. Could be worse. The ones in Portsmouth just get shot.
  10. Not good for the local house prices I hear. :eek: ........Pompy Sailor have you had you green bin returned or is still in care of the the Hants Constabulary? 8O
  12. Just out of interest, I served with a clerk in Iraq who got the piss ripped out of him constantly, he was about 4'11" high and everyone called him baby soldier - it wouldn't be someone who's name rhymes with 'Lob Fort' would it?

  13. no no no, I REALLY know who the lad is...'ll find him lurking outside the catterick garrison tescos ....looking hard and mean with his chums. his name is Dinger