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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by charliecharlieone, Oct 14, 2012.

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  1. All,
    Stuck in lanzarote, mother just past away in uk, can't afford to change or rebook flight. Can anyone help please, will be repaid.
    Thanks CC1
  2. How much are you looking for?
  3. A flight home that's all
  4. Which will cost how much?
  5. Come on Mate, how much do you need and whats the timeline?
  6. A quick google suggests prices in he EURO 130-250 range, for today or tomorrow.
  7. Unfortunately for the OP if this is genuine, this is a well-used scam where money wired to a foreign country is collected by a conman who has previously hacked someone's (typically e-mail) account.
    If it is true, my sympathies.
  8. If you want to back him up, get a speech call, he can supply the number of a bar or library where there is free internet access and a time for you to call. Otherwise, it's virtual bargepole time.
  9. Gobshite.
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  10. Try
  11. Me??

    Have you spoken to the airline and explained your situation? They'd have to be jack as **** not to get you on a flight home.
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  12. You must be joking.

    Try people you know personally.
  13. What?! Don't you send cash to random people off the internet?! I do, all the time.

    He said you'd get the money back. What more do you want?!?
  14. See the embassy/consulate you ejit.

    They will get you home, you will have to pay it back though IIRC.

    It's that or you sell yourself to sailors like a common rent boy.