need help

Yeah...Me too Mate!..... I was always dribbling down me trouser legs... I had this incontinence thingy.... Nor could I satisfy Mrs Hand and her several daughters.... heheheeheheh!! :p :oops:

2 Bottles of Bacardi... and I was anybodys.... that's if you could separate me from the pish and broone stuff.... :(
Drinking beers, generally believed to be a stimulant, is actually a depressant of the central nervous system (CNS), brain and spinal cord drinking in any quantity. It is because beers, like cocaine, marijuana, and other narcotics, suppresses our inhibitions and leads you to believe you’re the world's best lover.Even drinking a couple of beers before sex can be a impotence problem and ruin your orgasms. Up to 80 percent of men who drink beers heavily are believed to have serious sexual side effects, including impotence, sterility, male sexual performance anxiety, or loss of sexual desire (libido).

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