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My son is in a band and as part of their leaving concert they're planning to do a hour long set at school spanning the best rock songs from the 50s-90s. They've decided on what they're gonna do for every decade apart from the 90s. It has to be quite easy to play(which is why Jimi Hendrix has been ruled out for the 60s) does anyone have any ideas?


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If easy to play is a criterion, for the 70s I'd go for Stairway To Heaven or Smoke on the Water (because guitar shops hate that people come in to try out a guitar and all they can play is one of these and they hear them over and over).

Personally Stairway to Heaven really grips my sh!t because it is the only Led Zep track non-aficionados know and it is certainly not their best work, so I'd go for Smoke on the Water. Though since we are apparently talking electric guitars (hence the Hendrix reference) I'd prefer to hear some Floyd featuring the sound of Gilmour. Probably off Dark Side or Wish You Were Here, though of course Another Brick In The Wall Part 2 was the 1979 Christmas number 1 and will always go down well at school.

Oops I just read your post properly and realise you ONLY want the 90s, rather than you want music APART from the 90s.

Guns'nRoses, November Rain is about the only rock track I like from the 90s, unless Aerosmith's theme from Armageddon (how can I not remember what it's called FFS?!?!?) dates back that far.
Not sure if it was late 90's or early 00's, but the Hives: Hate To Say I told You So. 4 power chords, stomping tune, easy enough rythem, simple bass line, and everyone knows it.


Other simple sure fire winners is anything by the Sex Pistols, cos they couldnt play their instruments, or Love Machine (of Girls Aloud repute) as covered by the Shitic Monkeys.
I know that Areosmith is definately a no go as these are teenagers who are into Iggy Pop, Jimi Hendrix, David Bowie etc.Same goes for the Artic Monkeys. Sex pistols have already been chosen for the 70s.The Hives is a good shout though and Guns and Roses has already been suggested, they're toying with Elvis Costello. I suggested The White Stripes but was told that it was too obvious a choice. Thanks for your suggestions.
How about The Goo Goo Dolls?

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