Need help with some medal cards

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by supermatelot, Nov 18, 2009.

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  1. I've got downloads from the national archives of my great grandad and great uncle's medal cards from WW1.

    If I emailed them to somebody could you translate them please? I understand the sections as in BRITISH / VICTORY etc but the writing afterwards means nothing to me. I'm hopeful that someone is knowledgeable about this sort of thing.

  2. Try Gremlin, he's much cleverer than me.
  3. Snail - you are hot!!!
  4. Lol Snail!

    Someone help if you can please.
  5. Tssss. I'm on fire. I've got a temper and a temperature that would kill a bloke.
  6. Yeah, pretty hot! :p
  7. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Natch on that Sluggy, they're a nightmare to read as far as I am concerned.

    There are some on here who can read them like Braille though, so you should get a decent response in the morning!

    However from what little that I do know, I would say that these are Service Record Cards, as opposed to 'Medal Cards'.

    Name and Initials in the two boxes top left. Corps/Arm, Ranks Achieved and Service No top right.
    Victory/British/Star Ribbons and details bottom left inc entry ref in Regt'l Roll plus page number, then date and theatre of first service below that.

    Remarks will often hold either demob date, Date of Death or date of injury/incapacitation.

    The cards are fairly basic, and often illegible from the pdf files/scans available.

    Standby for a better explanation hopefully.

    On that note it might be useful if someone in the know could scribble up a quick guide to reading them (inc graphics) which could be made into a sticky. Or post a link to on that is already on the net?
  8. Oh, and right out of your league.

    Stop scaring me and help the lad out. Freak.
  9. I don't scare you! don't be daft! :)
  10. Yes you do.
  11. Cheers Gremlin,

    It's the handwriting thats ineligible (to me) but I figure if you know what sort of thing to expect you know the general gist of it. i'm new to this genealogy stuff..found out something for my uncle as a favour a bit hooked and..guess you know the rest...
  12. You daft 'ap'orth! :D
  13. The download thing may not help if legibilty is the issue - any chance of asking for some decent copies?
  14. As usual - Providing an insight on nothing:

    a. Interesting

    b. Relevent

    c. Pertinant

    Thank you for wasting another 5 seconds of my life, it's not like I have many of them to throw away.
  15. They're from nationl archives (online0. Only cost 2 quid each and I also got some other poor bugger's cards bundled in as well. Thought I'd been seen off at first til I scrolled around.