Need help with LG TV connectors!

Hi folks, I'm desperate for some help with EX Mrs EDM'S TV. We had an LG TV when we together, split up and the TV broke (Shame as she kept it)! Anyway, she picked up another one from Faceache for £60 as an emergency. Turns out its an LG 32LM620T Cinema smart 3D TV!

Anyway, I managed to connect the Free view recorder on the HDMI lead, the Roku stick and the USB stick for her no issues.

But i am struggling to connect the DVD player and the Nintendo Wii for my daughter. It states it has scart and RGB, but I think that when the TV was bought it had an adapter as the ports they go in to are not the usual scart sockets and the back shows a like adapter cable (that obviously she doesn't have.

What can I do? Below is a link to the TV (I can't seem to get the photo from my phone to load up) there is a picture part way down with "Step 2" below it that shows the connections. I have one lead one one plug that is too small for my headphone socket on my phone (is that set at 3.5mm jack on a Samsung phone?) so feels like maybe 3mm, but is still too big for the yellow or green port on the TV? Below is the link

[Guide] Are You Getting the Most from Your LG CINEMA 3D Smart TV? Make Sure You’re Connected to the Internet | LG Blog

Also I have noticed that on the back on the Nintendo Wii there are 2 USB sockets, can I connect the Wii from USB on the Wii to the USB on the TV? As there are 3 USB ports on the TV.

But I can't see where the little connection goes in! The ports that say they are for scart etc must be about 2.5mm jack sockets!
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