Need help with job choices.

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by SneakySneaky, Jan 10, 2013.

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  1. Hi all,

    Used this site quite a bit for information before now, so I thought its about time I posted, mainly because I cant find a thread to help me.

    Passed selection yesterday, got an A so I've got all my job choices (Para, Mercian, rmp) but now im confused as fcuk with what to do.

    I really wanna get in the army as soon as possible, i cant stand civvy life anymore and ive heard that Mercian have an intake next month. Plus there's a good chance I'll get a tour. But its not Para. Basically i just wanna know what the promotion opportunities are in both aswell as career opportunities. I wanna make a career out of it so what would i be wiser doing? And if I join Mercian, then in the future after a tour and a bit of experience do P Coy and AACC would that instantly make me a complete cnut?

    Not bothered about a trade before anyone mentions it. I've done a bit of welding and bricklaying and roofing, that stuff just ain't for me.

  2. If you have been offered para dude id bloody take it best regiment other than sas and if its a tour you want there pretty high up there for any conflict
  3. First of all, don't listen to numpty boy below. There is no guarantee that the Parachute Regiment will be high up for the next conflict, especially as we don't currently know where or when that will be. And as for being the best unit apart from the SAS, a load of bollocks, they are very very good but not THAT good.

    You need to look at the regiments and decide what you want to do, don't join a mob just because you'll get in the Army quicker, join it because that's what you want to do.

    For advice on Infantry units and the options available to you there are a few decent threads in the Infantry forum, for advice on the RMPs check out their forum, you're more likely to get better replies than in here.
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  4. concur - very sound advice.
  5. As they have been put back on Spearhead or whatever it's called this'd week I suspect you're talking pants!

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  6. Possibly, I did think of that just after I clicked the submit button. But my point stands, they are essentially light role Infantry, it's good for some things and not for others.
  7. Cheers for replies, didn't expect it to be that quick.

    I was thinking same as fuzzhead tbh but Zarathustra has offered some sound advice, definitely food for thought.

    Is that completely 100% correct about Para being spearhead? So next conflict they'll be first in?
  8. They share the role with 3CDO Bde, but it's not that clear cut and I'm not going into it any further. But good luck with whatever choice you make.

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  9. 16X are or will be Spearhead. So the Bde or elements of it (depending on the nature of the conflict/deployment) will be the first in. But don't base your choice on that alone.
  10. Do you think that joining the Para's because of the regiments history and standing is the right thing to do?

    I've been led to believe that the Para's dont even jump anymore so they're basically the same as Mercians but the trainings just harder. Is that right?
  11. The Paras haven't made an operational jump since Suez in 1956 (I think) but that doesn't mean they won't do one in the future.

    Going on history is difficult, the Parachute Regiment have been around since the 40s. All other Infantry regiments have history going back hundreds of years, although in the case of some regiments this is traced back through their various amalgamations etc.
  12. If you want quick promotion then Ammo Tech.

    LCpl in a year
    Cpl a year later
    Sgt 4-5 years of joining.
    It's not unusual to see 10 year WO2s.
  13. If I go Mercian, could I do P Coy and AACC?
  14. It's possible, however you'd need a reason to attend the courses. For example a posting to 3 Cdo Bde would probably help you get on the AACC or similarly a posting to 16X for P Coy.

    The days of badge collecting are gone, if it isn't going to be of benefit to the Army then it will be difficult. If you're that set on doing P Coy then join the Paras, or join a Corps and get posted to 16X and/or 3X.