Need help with interview questions

I am going to the army brief and candidate discussion tomorrow and was looking for advice. This is to go to Harrogate AFC in September I hope to go into REME but I am still unsure on which role I would go in as. I also would like advice on types of questions to ask the interviewer. This is the email including the questions: Thank you
Might help to familiarize yourself with it. I never bothered, but then I was also mostly drunk in Germany. I only have three medals, and none of them are a CWM.
On a serious note, it will not hurt to demonstrate that you have acquired some knowledge of the position, be it Army or a civilian position, it always helps. Just don't come over as a know it all.
Mind you, taking advice off a BAOR CW piss head might not be in your best interests.
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What trades are you looking at?

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