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Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by 5.56mm, Nov 20, 2006.

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  1. After this years remembrance parade and seeing all the veterans marching and saluting. It made me stop and think and even brought a tear close to my eye, i have never thanked my Grandad for his partcipation in the war and i thought that i might give him a present for his birthday.

    My Grandad is no walt and is no big head, he has never worn his medals since the end of the war. I want to buy him a medal holder so he can wear his medals on the remembrance parade, but my grandad is missing a medal because he never got given it(will find out what it is) but is their any way of getting medals for veterans that they were never aworded?

    Also I want to get him a spirit flask of and was going to get it inprinted with the regiment he was in. But I am not sure of the name of the regiment. I think it was Royal Ordance Corp, is that the name?

    Please please help me i will appreciate all of it, and thank you in advance.
  2. Good on you, 5.56mm, but you need to ask granddad some questions. It would be very embarassing to give him something with the wrong unit's crest on. There was a "Royal Army Ordnance Corps" but there was also a "Royal Army Service Corps," both of which were reformed by various routes as the Royal Logistic Corps. Both of these units have various sub-units and it is probably these sub-units that your granddad would more closely associate with.
  3. Ok I will find out for definat and will keep this post updated witht the going ons.
  4. The Medals Office has been revised of late and not fully settled yet. I mention this, from experience, you can spend time with a new civvy contractor to find ‘someone’ has decided this does not apply to them and just ‘leave it’! There are sometimes forms on the MOD site and sometimes the link is withdrawn. The office to write to giving full details (name, DOB, Service Number, bracket of service, Regiment) is:

    The Army Medal Office
    Building 250
    RAF Innsworth
    GL3 1HW

    There has been a phone enquiry number for Innsworth which has (for the moment) been withdrawn and replaced with a Glasgow number 0141 224 3600. Be aware this not where the matter is dealt with but there to deflect calls from Innsworth who probably got inundated with tyre-kickers. Yes they are on the MOD exchange but unless you have a person to person invitation to contact someone there you are not welcome! Send a letter for the moment.

    Re the medal mount, I’ll drop you a PM.

  5. Its not unusual for old timers to have lost there medals and ask for new one, my old neighbours were lost in a game of marbles by his son and when D Day 40 came round he requested new ones for when he went to France, not only did he get replacements but one he didn't even recognise that he qualifed for with out knowning (it was a TA Efficency medal I believe, he got it becuase he served 6 years and war years counted as double) Oh how he laughed at his old mates as he was the only one with it.

    BTW that was a certain Wally Parr I was talking about, some on here may of heard of him
  6. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    As in this Wally?


    5.56 good luck, but remember some of these chaps don't like to talk about that era so go gently.

    I didn't find out about some of my Great Uncles medals until his funeral!!!
  7. There is only one Wally Parr