need help with civvy jobs etc

Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by carrieluvssausages, Mar 20, 2004.

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  1. im sick of looking for crappy work, ive thought about joining the army as an officer, then a soldier but i just dont seem to like the idea of moving awway to iraqi places etc... do u know of any good civvy jobs within army barracks?

    oh er.. also anyone wanna give me a sponsorship for flying scholarship huh? :roll:
  2. I've a career for you at my house. Any good at making the bed?
  3. Or biting the pillow.....
  4. lotsa spar vacancies vely good pay #3.91/hour :p then u can get to shag all the guys in the barracks and be called sticky vicky :lol:
  5. Arkan, are you inferring that I am a poof?
  6. Have you thought about the NAAFI? You do get to shag all the blokes and get called a slag or not shag them and get called a dyke AND that's just the up side!

    No seriously they get similar postings to the Army but can't tell you "you're going and that's that!"

    A few friends of mine have really enjoyed their time with the NAAFI.

    Also do you have any quals (ie teaching or social work)? Anywhere that dependants go there are schools, school nurses, social workers, health visitors & welfare stuff (red cross, wrvs etc.).

    Or, God forbid, you could look at the other two services. :oops: You might find their terms of service and working practices more to your liking.
  7. did i say chums.....erhhh how crap! yeah i got qualifications - a degree in health studies, so u reckon i could get summit to do with working in the schools or hospital stuff like that huh? i wouldnt need to do basic training, n shag guys to get civvy jobs like that?

    i dont shag about, just my man thanx

    x :p :wink:
  8. Try Regimental bike. You can get a job in the MT.

    You'll not get in as an officer as you are too poor and northern. You are also thick, ginger and ugly. The British Army has a reputation to keep you know.
  9. well if the army has a reputation i suggest a tw*t like urself better leave, go awol, before tw*t head like urself gets booted out, please dont tell me ur an officer - id just larf in ur face - bet u get no respect -

    this i see is going to be a good Fcuking fight amonst the brainy (me) and tosser (you)
  10. Some would say its a measure of your proffessionalism to be courtious and polite to those who out rank you but you dont respect (and that you'd get fcuked over) - clearly you are a bit of a joke, go play on the nearest motorway :roll:
  11. hey, why should i respect someone who "out ranks me" im not in the army, therefore no-one out ranking me at mo!

    ok im sorry for not respecting you Sir!

    anyhow "sir" are you commissioned?
  12. yes thanks
  13. Well if you're not in the Army. Whatcha' doin' on an Army website :?:
    A wannabe perhaps :?:
    And yes I have a commission too thanks 8)
  14. i dont :(