Need help URGENTLY.

Discussion in 'Juniors' started by bethany97, Apr 9, 2013.

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  1. Firstly, this post is not about me, it's about my older brother.

    My brother has been in the army for just over a year now and he has never liked it in the army.
    He tried to leave numerous times during training and would always felt as though he was bullied to stay in because of the humiliation one of the staff their gave him infront of everyone on parade.
    Hoping things would get better once he had finished his training and moved on, it didn't it got worse.
    i would always phone him and he'd be so down and depressed but always trying to sound happy ( i knew he wasn't)

    Then he told me he had to go see a CPR person to talk to and got told everything was confidential and at the time he had told him he had taken MKAT (drugs) once during leave and then told them he had been self harming and also our Family problems. CPN told him they would try to get him discharged as quick as possible.

    My brother is now telling me he is getting C30Alph ( i think sorry guys) and has been infront of the CO for it. Service no longer required he also told me.

    1) he didn't actually fail any drugs test, and i strongly believe he has said it to try and get out of the army, so how could he be drugs discharged?
    2) We live with our Grandma who has recently been diagnosed with dementia, she is his Next of Kin. is she going to receive news on why hes been discharged, or should i break it to her?

    He wants to tell her why, but doesn't know when just yet. WE BOTH just don't want our Grandma to just open a letter randomly and it be about this subject if I'm not around her to support her.
  2. Hmmmm. This sounds really serious, just the case for some strangers on the internet.

    It's not your problem.
  3. 1 - SNLR can be for many things, so unless his CO told him it was because he said he'd taken drugs then it might just have been the quickest way for him to be discharged, which sounds like he was after.
    2 - I believe it will be down to him to break the news.

    I'm by no means an expert on discharge procedures
  4. Thank you guys.
    His CO did tell him it was because of the drugs in an interview, But the main question here is: Will my Grandma find out?
    He is going to tell her, or i will. But she has her good months and the bad months and we just don't want her opening a letter when no one is around to calm her down.
  5. No one is going to write a letter. It's not up for you to tell her anything. If your brother wants to tell her then he can.

    Also just to add. I'm not 100% convinced by this story. If anyone has openly said that they are self harming and depressed then they would be immediately be offered support. They would/could still be discharged, but the conversation would first be what can we do to help you... Either this is a wind up, or your brother isn't being completely honest with you.
  6. It really is 100%.
    He hadn't been offered any support what so ever, only the CPN who he had to speak with and he hasn't been to see them since.
  7. Well you have the answer to your question. The internet isn't the place to talk about this really.

    If you really are genuinely concerned give these guys a call: SSAFA Forces Help | National Armed Forces Charity

    They will be able to give you proper advice which your unlikely to get on here. And have the power to actually help.
  8. Beth97 PM sent
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