need help to improve run times

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by mishmash02, Apr 12, 2008.

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  2. You have already 02 tagged yourself in your name. Now you are proving it.
  3. mishmash, welcome to our lovely site.

    A hint. Use the search facility that is available.

    Then you will not get irate when the gentle folk on here start ripping the fuck out of you for asking bone and repetitive questions.

    Welcome again :D

    Cheers N_W.
  4. No drama, but you seem to have found the right forum in which to post your question. However, within the first 5 pages or so in this 'ere forum there are at least 10 related "improve run times" themes.... You can't have looked that hard.

    What I said previously stands. Don't chuck yer toys out of the pram when site members start giving you shit for not bothering to look before you post.

    P.S. You should have posted this in the NAAFI bar :D

    Cheers N_W.
  5. Best advice you are going to get? Run, run and then run some more. One day on one off.
  6. Go to the local butchers shop and purchase a brace of their finest rabbits, tie them to your waist and start running, ensure that an earstwhile colleague lets the rottweiller go at about a minute and a half, that should improve your run time dramatically!
  7. Your google-fu is weak.

    Try typing in the word "fartlek" into google.

    And no, your hoop has no part to play in it other than the fact you might be breathing through it by the time your finished.
  8. Interval training,

    Got my mates assault course time down by a minute in a month and helped me alot too.

    1. Be prepared for at least and hour and a half exercise every other day- In stretches, warm ups etc...
    2. Stretch before running
    3. Jog for a half hour- gets the heart rate up, breathing rate up
    4. find a massive street with lamp posts or any other known interval
    5. Sprint from first lamp post to second then jog to next then sprint then jog etc....
    6. Do this for half an hour
    7. Warm down
    8. Stick at it. (This stage is the hardest ;D)


  9. 15-16 mins? this is either a wah or your just walking you weigh more then 20 stone?
  10. 15-16 minutes is more of a crawl over broken glass and dog sh*te. I'd get on a treadmill if I was you to get use to running. When you can sustain a GOOD pace for 20 minutes get running outside every other day and keep a record of your run times and try and shave a few seconds off every time you go out.