Need Help to identify a WW1 badge

A friend has approached me to try and help identify some insignia belonging to his grandfather who was in the RAMC in WW1, we have identified some of the badges, however he has one, which is a round Navy blue disk with a green diamond imposed on top. Anyone got any ideas?? Is it a divisional/regimental insignia?
A little help would be appreciated!

Sorry about the poor quality but here is the patch:
it will be a Brigade/Division patch


Many Divs and Bdes had a diamond motif, 48th Div spring to mind. All the Regts and Corps would then have a diamond based colour coding to signify Coy, Bn, etc. All very confusing.

I have only used Mike Chappell's reference British Battle Insignia 1914-18. Excellent book but it states the subject is confusing and requires much detective work.

Good luck.
Although there is a lot of military knowledge on this forum I think it may help to place your request for information to a forum that specializes in WW1.

Try 1914-1918 Forum, I placed a couple of questions there when researching my grandfather's service during the war, and I have to say I was amazed at the knowledge of some of the guys posting on there. They are very friendly and willing help and I'm sure they will be able to give you all the answers.
Ok some more details that may help, We know that his Grandfather was an Irishman and a Doctor in the RAMC and was a professional soldier before and after the war.
Among his postings and campaigns were India (pre 1914), The Western Front, Egypt, Gallipoli, India (post 1918), Edinburgh and The West Indies.

In fact here is a picture of him, he is the one in the middle:


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